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National strike: What will roll up?


Due to unsuccessful wage negotiations with employers, the unions organize strikes on Wednesday, February 13, organizing national strikes. The point of disturbance.

The union declared a national strike on February 13th.
Wage negotiation failure

. Trade unions are demanding higher wages, higher benefits and pensions, better career conditions and better opportunities to combine work and privacy.

Conseil Central de l '# 39; Économie sets the wage increase rate at 0.8%. There is not enough margin in the union's eyes.

Communities, CPAS, provinces, firefighters, local and federal police, local hospitals, and municipalities.

public transport


The strike to hit the track will start on Tuesday, 22 hours and will continue until the same Wednesday. For the social movement since last March, minimum services will be implemented within the SNCB. The railroad company expects that half of the trains will roll despite the inconvenience.

During the morning and evening rush hours, most of the IC trains that connect the major cities are circulating and many trains and S trains circulate. However, at non-vertex time, the number of specific number IC trains starts.

Commuters will check with SNCB's travel planner to make sure they know the timetable and whether the train is on route.

SNCB will open a call center (02/528 28 28) from 7 am on Wednesday. The website and the SNCB application keep you informed of travelers like Messenger ( and Twitter account. (@sncb).

► Wednesday 13 Alternative Rail Services Overview

High-speed train

The circulation of high-speed trains should not be too large. Thalys will cancel the service once in Brussels and Paris (train: 7:13 from Gare du Midi to Paris), and Eurostar expects passengers will not have much trouble traveling to the UK.

Only those who travel with Eurostar to France (Lille or Calais) need to modify their plans due to the closing of the "intra-gens" terminal at the Brussels-Midi station. It is a handful of travelers, according to a spokesperson for the railway company. TGV can cancel trips for free and travel to France.

Interference in InterCity Express (ICE) and TGV is minor.


Steve is scheduled to open the contact center (070 / 23.20.00) from 6 am on Wednesday morning. The website and the Stib application will keep you informed of the traveler like the Facebook page ( and Twitter account. (@stibmivb).


The company generally expects major disturbances to occur in the provinces of Walloon Brabant, Hainaut, particularly Charleroi, Liège-Verviers and Namur and Luxemboug. Walloon shipping company invites all users to let them know before leaving and offer an alternative to travel.

► Strikes affect all public transport.

Open school

Strikes also apply to education, even when the need for a strike has not been formally raised. The situation varies from school to school, but the school must accommodate students.

Severely struck air

Belgian air transport company Skees (formerly Belgocontrol) decided to limit air traffic to 50% during trade union activities on Tuesday, February 12 from 22:00 on Wednesday, February 13 (same day). time.

We already know there are fewer flights from Belgium on Wednesday, and Charleroi Airport has announced plans to close. For Brussels, more than half of the flights have already been removed.

No strike request from bpost

The trade union in bpost submitted a strike notice for the national strike on February 13, but does not require a strike.

Nevertheless, mail distribution should be discontinued.

The store was also affected.

In Charleroi, a petset will be organized in front of the shopping center in Ville 2, City Nord, and the union announced the first mobilization of general unions in Rive Gauche.

► Airport, shopping center, bpost …: The impact of the February 13th strike is the largest in Charleroi.

In Liege the union is planning a picket line at the entrance of Herstal's Belle-Ile, Cora, Saint-Lambert, Médiacité and Basse-Campagne.

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