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Over 60 years of rare insects return to Belgium.



Four insects, insects that obscure bees, were found in Beck Covent (Flemish Brabant). This species has not been observed in Belgium since 1953.

The path found includes more than 55 solitary bees. Total Natuurpunt Association has counted 101 species of bees in Bekkevoort. Benny Reviers (Ons Dorp) environmental director explained that the municipality has taken steps to increase the chances of survival to create more open space in the management of bees, especially coppice. "Sunlight is easier to reach the ground. It can nest in the soil, but it is good for many plants and spices."

Noord-Hageland's local environmental organizations have installed small perforated wood blocks utilizing the "More Nature for Better Fruit" project, funded by the European Union's ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) project. grower. "Bee hotel" was installed in each commune in the area where the association is located.

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