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Region by Region of Affected Sector


Rize Region

Bus : "The bus will not run," said Dona Balbo, director of CGSP at Robermont Depot. Anyway, there will be a picket in front of all the depots. "

train : At least on Wallonia, trains should not cycle either. Messages are broadcasted from the station every hour. "Serious disturbances were planned at the same time from Tuesday 22 to Wednesday 13."

airplane : Because Belgocontrol is on strike, all airlines are paralyzed because there is no aircraft to land or take off from Leyte Airport. TUI-Fly announced that it will switch flights to Belgium's neighboring airports.

post : There is no activity in the classification center, and no mail delivery is planned.

Large distribution:"We already have a lot of Carrefour, Delhaize, Lidl, Aldi and many Colruyt combinations like Seraing, Ans or Grâce-Hollogne."Jean-Marc Namotte said.

Commercial Gallery: The union is planning a picket line at the entrance to Herstal's Belle-Ile, Cora, Saint-Lambert, Médiacité and Basse-Campagne.

Retail Store: "Do not fly pickets to close small businesses. The goal is not to harass people, but to show our bad feelings to all the parties that will form the next government."

major company : Everyone with at least 50 union delegations should close the door. Like ArcelorMittal, FN, Safran AeroBoosters, AB Inbev, Chaudfontaine …

Closed zoning: Hauts Sarts, Bierset's Liege Logistics, and Grâce-Hollogne.

school : There is no picket in front of the school, but it is a hindrance to some teachers who decide to go on strike.

high school : Picket is expected in front of some schools in Liège. But especially higher education should be a goal. Of particular concern: Hautes écoles pédagogiques. Liegees, Rivageois, St. Focus on Croix and Jonfosse. Saint-Roch Theux and Verviers Normal School seem less concerned.

But many teachers have to sit at different levels of different agencies. Especially in secondary. Frédéric Straet, regional director of CGSP for Welkenrtaedt and Eupen, said the strike seemed "well done." "The great Athenians will miss many teachers." But he did not receive the information in the direction he wanted to close it. He also expects many strikers to be found in elementary and maternal. "But overall this level is often less followed."

At CSC, Fabien Crutzen believes that some of the free schools in Liège will be almost completely halted in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, Herstal, Alleur … Some of the agencies provided pre-strike information and distribution flyers. For example, what you planned for SFX1 on Monday.

Public administration agencies: Most municipalities, provincial, provincial, and federal governments must be closed at least in large cities like Liege, Serraning or Hurst.

hospital : All hospitals should have reduced activities, especially for consultation. CHU spokesman Louis Maraite said, "We have warned all patients whose surgery or consultation has been postponed and will keep their appointments if they do not get in touch."

Verviers Region

In relation to TEC Liège – buses in VerviersThe general front is in place, not from Lie warehouse but from Stembert (Verviers) and Eupen. On the other hand, the leased line must circulate. Exceptionally 138 did not go as far as Liège, but stopped at Fléron in Verviers.

in Company of a certain size, And the number of closure is expected. The union is planning a deployment. We leave the stake and the area at the entrance. Petit-Rechain – Chaineux, Eupen, Aubel (especially Dufrais, Detry and Lovenfosse) and Eupen (5 hours). The greater Plénesses zoning is less secure for the entire site. Everything depends on the number of delegates mobilized and mobilized elsewhere than where they work. Here we are pile. Outside the zonings Large companies like Lambermont's Spa-Monopole, Walhorn Dairy or Delacre biscuit factory must be inaccessible. In Welkenraedt, Emerson and Hexcel should be closed like Cablerie Eupen, Lower Town, Hydro (Raeren), NMC (Eynatten) or Heimbach (La Calamine).

According to CSC spokesman Jochen Mettlen, action is planned ahead of the Proximus building in Eupen.

In relation to Public Services, The hearing was canceled at ONEM in Verviers. Forem You have to close the door to the same city.

hospital According to Alain Bodson, a permanent professional CSC in Verviers, it will provide minimal service. equivalence Rest areaRepresents Thierry Gilson, a permanent CSC, like Sunday. Cité de l & # 39; in Andrimont; espoir should follow the same path, says Nicolas Cahay, a permanent CSC.

of Picket is expected in front of some schools.. But most Higher education Who should target. Especially for collimators: Hautes écoles pédagogiques. But many teachers have to sit at different levels of different agencies.

side administrationCSC's Marc Renard pointed out that the situation could be mixed because the public sector is not affected by the wage rule. Some employees will have to terminate their contracts individually without blocking the service.

railroad It would be very confusing, but on Monday morning it was clearly difficult to see. "I do not know if a minimal service will be provided"Thierry Coune, Verviers explained the permanent CGSP railway.

for post office, CGSP Verviers – Liège – Eupen regional director general Michel Reiter predicts disturbance. Nonetheless, he believes the newspaper will be released. "We do not strike, but anyone can do it if we want it"He explains.

Rayon StoreLarger areas could be closed. Nonetheless, it is our experience that it is more difficult to mobilize in integrated stores (directly dependent on brands) in Delhaize and Colruyt than in unified Carrefour from union members. Marv Lincé, Verviers' permanent SETCA, is less impacted by Aldi and Lidl with fewer employees.

of shopping center More generally, it should be affected. In principle, Crescend & # 39; eau is not. In Verviers, Marie Renard moves from Liège, Cora de Rocourt, Ikea Hognoul and Belé-Île's Médiacité and Galerie Saint-Lambert.

Wall – Borinia Region

Bus : TEC Hainaut estimates that only 10% of the services at Mons will be insured. The same with Borinen and the center. West Hainaut is required to insure 50% of its services. Mons' "Space TEC" is open from 8:00 to 17:00.

zonings: Industrial areas will be mobilized the most, and Jean-Marc Urbain (CSC Mons-La Louvière) is predicted to be like ours in Ghlin-Tertre. There is no blocked road, he says. He warned that trade, healthcare and public transport will also be affected.

H & M's logistics center in Ghlin's local block is blocked at 4 am to prevent the departure of the truck and will release one of the union doorways by 16 o'clock. Joint action.

hospital : Various influences depending on institution. Ambroise Paré (Mons) expects some confusion. "The rate of participation in the strike is usually low among us, no cuts have been announced and we expect it to work normal on Wednesday,It refers to hospital's media service. Emergency counseling and appointments (at least at this stage) have not been postponed.

The situation in Epicura will vary from site to site, a hospital group spokesman said. In Baudour, the operating room functions on Sundays (ie urgent intervention only). Sunday services in the operating room at Hornu, medical imaging (radio, MRI, etc.) and counseling. Notify the patient whose appointment has been delayed. Of course, emergency and medical units work normally.

Finally, CHR Mons-Hainaut (St. Joseph and Warquignies) Some consultations have been postponed and operational programs have been relaxed, but most units will function normally. "We made an inventory for workers who wanted to go on strike on Wednesday, and for nursing personnel, strike participation is limited to one out of 10 people.
; Other features (maintenance, support services) vary from 30 to 50.
%, "Explained Laurence Jacquet, director of the Department of Nursing.

School and suburban hospitality: The union will not call you on strike but will cover the strike. Remember that even in the case of a strike, the school must ensure that the student is accepted. This is not the case for out-of-school child care services. Elea, for example, warned her parents that she can not take care of their children this Wednesday.

Trade : all supermarket Cola, Carrefour, Delhaize … This would be the union's ambition to organize pickets in front of Colts, Aldie, Ryder. Franchise supermarket independents) are still likely to be open. There will be a picket at the entrance. shopping center: Grands Prés, Cora Gallery in Hornu, "shopping" on the other side from Jemappes to Wilson … I want to close the union. Ikea.

Trash Can and Container Park: Hygea will notify you of the potential impact of the service just before the strike.

train : In SNCB, the strike period is from 22:00 on Tuesday to Wednesday the following day. The SNCB estimates that roughly half of the trains will run, but this is an ambiguous estimate at the national level. The impact is likely to be greater in our region. Commuters will check with SNCB's travel planner to make sure they know the timetable and whether the train is on route.

Central region

Announced by Ahmed Ryadi (FGTB Center) and Jean-Marc Urbain (CSC Mons-La Louvière). "The union front and behavior on the national strike will take a different dimension than the strike on December 14th."

Specifically, the central region:

all industry With the pickets across the entrances of the company in zonings, it will be in a halt state.

Transit, both TEC That SNCB, It will be very seriously disturbed. Few cars are circulating.

supermarket It will be strongly affected.

For non-sellers, Minimum services and child care services will be implemented.

In relation to Public Services
: We will participate as big as the following. school. Several schools will be closed. "But the children will not stay on the road"Reception is maintained, "A priori"But there will be "There is little or no class".

A priori, Communes in La Louvière, Will affect the operation as a whole.

Important Accuracy, "Roads and rotaries have no prejudices and there is no interference, and we do not want to upset citizens." We heard.

Charleroi Region

Charleroi is in danger of being suspended on February 13 for a national strike.

I'll be hungry. Move. There will be no train, no bus or subway. TEC Charleroi is probably paralyzed. Charleroi Airport It will be blocked. Stake is published in Access.

Major Mobilization of Teacher Presentations School of freedom and civil servants.

Minimum service Hospitals in the areaLike GHDC and Marie Curie.

Stakes announced in front. major company And Business Park (Courcelles, Fleurus, Aeropole, Thuin …). Bank Closed.

A large retail store And shopping center The aim of the union is for Rive Gauche, City Nord, Ville 2 …

Planned cognitive behavior below Jamilks jail.

Areas of Namur

The FGTB announces major mobilization without large meetings or events. There will still be clogs and spades.

In the province of Namur, Eugénie Ledoux, secretary of the Namur-Luxembourg area at CGSLB, major company Blocked in the region. "This is the case of Materne, Mondelez, Malonne or Ariston of Stûv, but we will not block the street or the area.". Business items only. "We did not plan any other action, such as a procession in the city."

Eugénie Ledoux adds: Small and medium-sized enterprises should also be damaged.. "
Many people working in small businesses send us emails. There may be a strike by isolated workers. "

The FGTB has announced that there will be pickets in the area of ​​the Namur region. Pickets can be expected in large chain stores like Carrefour, Delhaize, Lidl, H & M, Brico and Zara.

In the area designation of Seilles (Andenne), for example, you can expect to mobilize ahead of companies like Father Olive, Foundry Lecomte, Jumatt … Keumiée (Sambreville) zoning picks with Carwall and Air Products. There will also be one in the Crealys district block in Isnes (Gembloux). The quarries in Ariston (Malonne), Stûv (Bois-de-Villers), Innovyn (Jemeppe-sur-Sambre) and Namur are also closed.

In relation to Technical CommitteeIt is still early to get a clear idea of ​​the disturbance. "We only collect information about the intent of the driver as to whether or not to participate in the strike. For the time being, 83% of the buses operate in Namur."Barbara Stecker says. Nevertheless, this figure needs to be updated several times.

Filter workshops are installed by railway workers near Bas Pré in Salzinnes and distribute flyers.

In the commune, the FGTB could not say whether all local administrations would be closed. Namur is the most obvious. It is less secure in small businesses. This does not mean that the service can not be affected without a specific agent.

Finally, there will be a picket in Malonne in front of BEP Container Park. This is the only place with a clear place, but in the case of FGTB, other container parks in the Namur area can also be closed on Wednesday.

This is not Namur's specificity, but it will focus on the Proximus Center everywhere, given that Dinant, Namur, Flawinne, etc. in the community should be closed.

What is more surprising is that the waterways are blocked. At Pont des Grands Malades in Meuse.

Finally, a more focused picket line will be organized in front of Wierde's UCM headquarters. Trade unions want to put pressure on UCM, a member of the UCM (Ten of Group). On the other hand Wednesday will focus on minimum wages and purchasing power.


Many companies in the Luxembourg region will be affected by a strike this Wednesday. Jindal (Virton), Eurolocks (Bastogne), Burgo (Virton), Proximus (Marche), EMI (Aubange), L & # 39; Alle and Lidl shops, family assistants, Ampacet (Messancy), Magolux (Messancy), Ores (Aye), Ferrero (Arlon), Ter Beke (Marche), Saupont (Ore), Overt (Libramont), Autover (Bastogne) Bertrix), Ikea (Sterpenich) or Brico Plan-it (Messancy).


Here is information about the announced pickets we could harvest.

– Prayon and Knauf Companies in Engis

– Mölnlycke Company in Waremme

– Intermarché base in Villers-le-Bouillet

– Marcel's ArcelorMittal

– quarry and limestone kiln Dumont-Wautier in Saint-Georges

– Carmeuse Career (Wanze) in Moha

– All Proximus stores

– Closure is announced at major retailers such as Lidl, Delhaize and Carrefour.

– CHRH Announces Minimum Services at Huy Regional Hospital Center and Tihange Nuclear Power Plant

Brussels Area

Zaventem Airport Brussels Airport requests a change of reservation as the passengers are expected to be confused by a long delay, flight cancellation and baggage claim.

It is difficult to predict the impact, but Stib advises users to provide themselves and find alternatives. If possible, the Stib will try to prioritize the main axis.

Brussels Cleanliness: Etienne Cornesse, a spokesman for Bruxelles-Propreté, said: "Brussels cleaners who will strike on Wednesday will be protected by trade union notification, but it is not possible to know the social movement participation rate because there is no obligation to strike in advance in Brussels We will know how to insure the collection on Wednesday morning.If it interferes with public transport, it will affect the cleanliness of Brussels. "

Parking control is interrupted."Parking controls will certainly be shut down, but managers of the commune under the parking control will have the power to do the least amount of control," said Pierre Vassart, parking control officer. Seven of the 19 Brussels city governments in Brussels (Anderlecht, Shin-Agatha-Berckem, Ever, Forest, Ganshore, Jet and Mollenby Jean-Zhang) are in charge of parking control.

Schools and nurseries in Sint-Agatha-Berchem:

This Wednesday, February 13th, the hot meal will be removed from all schools by phone on strike.

Out-of-school care (noon-afternoon) is not provided by nursery schools and is reduced in primary schools.

French schools:

– Openveld EN: The course is guaranteed.

– Grade 7: The class will be covered.

– Glycines: Classes are partially covered (students whose parents can not leave their children are divided into different classes)

– Lilacs: Classes will be partially insured (students whose parents can not leave their children will be divided into other classes)

Nursery School:

– Kittens and guinea pigs will open.

– Alcyons, small wolves and small dolphins have been closed: all employees on strike

Jiangsu Lang

In the Ganshoren community in Brussels, all the congregations will be closed due to a strike this Wednesday.

"Les Bruyères" school where all the welcoming teachers go on strike, parents said that the school was strongly advised to keep the children at home that day, but nevertheless parents took their children home that day, and at the "Our Toddlers" school You can bring your children out. Notice of this effect will be posted on the strike morning. Do management teams have to attend school?

At the "Nos Bambins" school, only friendly people will strike, so teachers will supervise all children from 8:30 to 12:00 (school time). The school closes at 12:00. The bishop will attend.

Raw material

Cathy Marcus (PS), Sheriff of Saint-Gilles: "We did not take any action for municipal staff except for the joint cleaning house." Therefore, all the churches in Saint-Gilles will close on Wednesday.


After Wednesday's national strike, Forrest's community service will be open, but with reduced power. On the other hand, the illusion will be severely hampered by the school, church, and prégardiennats community in the community Wednesday, February 13 (Wednesday).

For Francophone co-schools:

The hot meal is deleted.

School transportation (special education) will be deleted.

The day care center will be closed that day: the school will only be open from 8:15 am to 12:20 pm. For municipal schools using Dutch: De Wereldbrug and De Puzzel schools are normally open.

For nursery schools:

Places of welcome are Prégardiennat Les Chenapans, Prégardiennat Bout & chics, Crèche Les Marmots, Crèche Le Bercail, Crèche les Lutins and Crèche les Pâ "¢ tits Matelos.

The toe-toothed baby crib will normally open.

The La Ruche cots are open from 8:00 to 16:00.


Wallonia Picardy will block all sectors of economic activity by demonstrators. Official high schools are not affected as teachers receive education and students receive educational leave. Free schools are normally open.

Mouscron town hall should be accessible continuously.

Since half of the transportation is provided by the private sector, the TEC must operate at 50% capacity.

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