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Sony and Microsoft participate in streaming games

Japanese giant electronics company Sony and US software giant Microsoft have been competing over the console for years, but they have seen cooperation in the field of game streaming.

The two companies have signed an intentional letter expressing their desire to "research collaborative development to support streaming games and content services" based on Microsoft's Azure platform.

It is also a matter of cooperation in the development of semiconductor and technology called artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft is doing in the image sensor and other people's dependency data processing of Sony's know-how.

Sony's key partner, Joseich Kenichiro, said in a statement: "Even if we are competitors in some areas, Microsoft has been a core partner of Sony for many years.

The idea of ​​streaming games, which rely on the robust infrastructure of thousands of computer servers (the "cloud"), allows you to enjoy your game without having to purchase it anytime, anywhere. Theoretically, connecting with a compatible device may suffice, but providing a high level of flow is not guaranteed.

For movies, it's like Netflix or Spotify for music.

The joint announcement of Titans, where PlayStation (Sony) and Xbox (Microsoft) dominate video games, has become Google's Internet giant, which recently promised to overturn the Internet entertainment industry.

The US group will launch a platform called the Stadia this year in the US, Canada, the UK and some European countries. Jade Raymond, a leader in Google's new video game studio, said it will be "an engine that redraws games and the future."

Apple also plans to enhance video games with the App Store platform.

Due to this announcement, and in particular its stock purchase plan, Sony shares rose more than 9% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Friday morning.

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