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SS12 Rally de Monte-Carlo 2019 ranking

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Before the last knee, Sébastien Ogier still dominates this event, but Thierry Neuville is only 4s1!

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This morning, Ott Tänak set the earliest time of this time to 10:12:01.

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Once again, the level of competitiveness at this particular stage was enormous. The first six stages of this phase were reorganized in just four seconds! Toyota again wins, and Sébastien Ogier still eats a half against Thierry Neuville on the Basque gapençais.

In the overall ranking tonight, the two men are just 4s3 before the last known extreme to everyone in Monaco north. Tomorrow, the world champion will logically like six times in the dry, winding terrain where C3 is especially anticipated.

Behind this "two tangible experiences", Ott Tänak realized the grand slam today and resumed itself for the podium. Sebastien Loeb resisted completely this time and went back to Monaco tonight and spent the third quarter of his 17th year in Ott Tänak, leaving Jari-Matti Latvala at 2 minutes and 3 seconds.

In R5, Gus Greensmith used Yoann Bonato's punk to escape with a big advantage today. The latter still occupies the head of WRC-2. One minute before Guillaume de Mevius … At 5:02 this evening, he fights a big fight with Adrien Fourmaux, the French hope.

In R2 / RC4, Yohan Rossel returns with a new scratch and returns to Nicolas Latil tonight with more than two minutes to spare.

Reaction of captives

The dim sum (10: 18.2) "I am pretty similar this morning, it is very beautiful, I like it, the car is fantastic to drive and I want to thank my opener.
Seon (10: 01.2) "We have soft soft tires and it's not a good shape anymore, but it's okay."
Meeke (9: 53.7) "Some are dry, but the snowy parts are delicate. I really enjoyed myself today."
Tanak (9: 53.2) "It was not a big difference because there were no more nails anymore, but if we had snow or ice we could have lost 10 or 15 seconds, but there was no one behind us, not a big bet, but not bad."
Lobe (9: 57.3) "Sure, I am having fun.I was more satisfied with the car this afternoon and I could attack a little more strongly after setting up better for the audience.I am having fun."
Latvala (9: 57.5) "I tried to attack as much as I could, I had a good special, but I still had a little understeer.
Neubil (9: 54.5) "On this, I am close to the limit, except on clear ice, I did a good job and I could not do it tomorrow.
Ogier (9: 54.3) "We could not make much progress, we had to attack, Toyota was still the fastest, I attacked very hard, I am drying now and I can take more risks, it's intense, it's clear, I think the C3 will work well on stage. "
Bonato Punk

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