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Suspended Melean leaders for 7-10 years



The Belgian Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CBAS) confirmed on Wednesday that it imposed sanctions against Former shareholder Olivier Somers, Former Sport Director Stefaan, of former Chairman Mahe Heren John Timmerman. Vanroy and former CFO Thierry Steemans.

Méchelle was demoted to D1B in penalties, with the exception of European championships and Croquet Cups, in an attempt to influence the results of Menderle-Wasland-Beveren on 11 March 2018.

CBAS confirmed sanctions on Wednesday except for the deterioration and penalties of D1B. According to the Arbitration Tribunal, the relegation of Mechelen will not be applicable since it will be introduced in July 2018 at the latest in conjunction with the annual event. The proposed penalty points also escaped the water in connection with the demotion.

It takes 10 days to learn the motivation of CBAS. The latter decision, however, is the final decision. This means that four Malinois administrators know their sentences. Johan Timmermans and Thierry Steemans are banned for 10 years for all activities in the Belgian Union. Ten years later Olivier Somers was sanctioned for being reorganized. But the ban on Stefaan Vanroy is seven years.

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