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The future disappears for hospital and birth.

Very clearly, It was a matter of life and death for the suggestion of treatment in Gien. Especially for the birth: Jeanne d '# 39; A solution has been found to announce the departure of Ramsay Générale de Santé, the owner of the Arc de Gien hospital. Nearly ten years ago, the Dezarnaulds clinic and hospital center grouped activities at the same location at the request of the Regional Health Agency. But since then The Ramsey General Health Group, leader of the private health sector, (This is the first group to own a French hospital and a private hospital.) We no longer want his clinic in Gien.

We are completely relieved, it is certain that the hospital center was threatened without the operating room.

The options were somewhat limited. Ramsay Générale de Santé transferred his clinic. and If he left, he deprived the public hospital from the only operating room of the facility.Jeanne d '# 39; Because we are an Arc clinic, we are maintaining surgery. Hospital centers are used for emergencies, especially for obstetricians. The birth hospital can not operate even if there is no operating theater nearby. The threat was serious. So Christian Bouleau, Mayor of Gien, is delighted to find a Memorandum of Understanding. : "Yes, we are relieved. Without the operating room there was a serious risk to the hospital and especially to the mother..

LRA approval is required within one or two months.

A protocol agreed to relocate the clinic's activities to CHR in Orleans Keep all activities of the Joan of Arc Clinic on site.Under the guidance of a public hospital, CHR Orleans head, Olivier Boyer, was responsible for leading the negotiations and lasted for several years. "Most difficult today is solved" Olivier Boyer is guaranteed. "The Regional Health Agency must transfer the license to the CHRO.. Actually Orléans Hospital is already responsible for providing care at Gien.Under the auspices of GHT, Loiret's Hospital Group Territory.

You should be able to improve the screening and treatment of certain cancers.

With this recovery he hopes to develop this proposal because he will keep the budget balance of the institution. "We should be able to improve Gien's specific cancer screening. _Radiation therapy and surgery for most cancers will remain in Orleans and Montmartiers_" Describes Olivier Boyer. The director of CHR Orleans also promoted better cooperation between city doctors and hospital centers, "There is a significant leak rate of the patient to other areas, we should fix it".

More than 800 deliveries per year at the Gien maternity hospital

Among the most important issues of the Convention are The future of Gien's birth, Which is her only one in Nièvre in 2017 after the closure of Cosne sur Loire, achieving more than 800 shipments per year. Jeanne d '# 39; If a private group that owns an Arc clinic leaves without a solution, She would have been seriously threatened.. "We have been working for a long time after this negotiation and I am optimistic that Jian's obstetrics and gynecology should keep the operating room and his operating license, Olivier Boyer is guaranteed.

Doctors at the clinic want to spend more on medical expenses, which is a good way to get rid of the country

But all of this was not easy to negotiate. Doctors in the hospital, especially they are 30 people. They are liberal doctors, not liberal doctors.. Orr's CHR has signed all new contracts with them, but will remain a private doctor. If the fee is exceeded, go to it. This is one of the remaining issues because this is the country that should allow disdain for public hospitals.You can approve your doctor's expense. The right direction. Christian Bouleau: "The file is on the desk of the minister of health,. All of the staff at the clinic will be arrested again and there will be a hundred employees.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is building leasing.

Another point that has a very technical but significant financial interest still needs to be resolved. Moved Joan Arc Clinic's lease to CHR in OrleansWho will pay the rent? This should be negotiated between the Ramsay General Health Group and the owner of the premises. At this point, however, Christian Bouleau, Mayor of Gien, is confident, The whole problem of gienno's care-giving proposal is hanging..

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