Sunday , March 26 2023

The new chièvrois college rejuvenates and feminizes.


Tour-A – Muscron

MR – Ecolo, the majority of turquoise, has revealed the composition and properties of his future Alderman team.

On December 3, a new turquoise majority will be installed at Chièvres. On the evening of Election Day, MRs (7), who earned 59% of the total votes, sit now in the opposition and Ecolo (3) has formed an alliance to lead the City of Airmen over the next six years. The Socialist Party, the largest loser in the polls, is preparing to hand over power to two political parties that have signed a majority of the agreements for the Legislature in 2018-2024. At this opportunity Claude Demarez, the future liberal bourgeois master, announced the composition of a new university as well as the distribution of technology. MR will have four Alderman and two Green. His successor, Olivier Hartiel (PS), will take care of inheritance, religion and church plant. Education, infancy, agriculture and tourism will be the responsibility of Elder Laurence Feron (MR). The outgoing Hadder Didier Bailey (Ecolo) maintains the same attributes. Zoé Delhaye (RM), still in school, including sustainable development, mobility and housing, has been selected for budget, finance, sports, youth, economy, employment and the elderly. Works, space planning, urban planning and housing move to Frédéric De Weireld (Ecolo). In the case of Marie-Charlotte Dauby (MR), I will assume CPAS chairmanship for culture, folklore and tradition without forgetting new technologies of communication and information.


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