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The object was there for five years.

The man felt a headache, seizures, ear pain, and tightness in his ears and was taken to the hospital. He was actually infected with a skull because of the swab!

He suffered from vomiting and had difficulty remembering people's names for several days until he was hospitalized. Doctors initially thought about serious ear infections, but the real problem was getting deeper.

As he explored his ear, he found a gloomy swab. He has been suffering from hearing loss for five years … This report says swabs are a common cause of ear infections. They found a hearing canal. " It is full of small garbage such as inflammation, cotton swab.

He has been removed. This infection affects the external auditory canal, bones, and tissues of the skull, but fortunately it was caused by bacteria that do not affect the brain. He even had an abscess in his skull.

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