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"Unacceptable", "very disappointed": the finals of the Europa League are controversial.


Europa League

"Unacceptable": This is the word chosen on Thursday for the English club Arsenal to qualify for the Azerbaijani capital Baku, the host city of the Europa League finals. May 29 in Chelsea

"We are disappointed that due to transport limitations, UEFA is only offering up to 6,000 tickets to Arsenal at over 60,000 (capacity) stadiums," he said. In the statement, I mourned "Gunners".

UEFA mentioned the limited capacity of the Baku airport to limit the number of tickets awarded to each finalist, while the Azerbaijani capital's enclosure can accommodate 68,700 spectators.

Chelsea and Arsenal fans are complaining about the cost and complex logistics of organizing the 4,500km final in London.

Liverpool and Tottenham have also been promoted through their supporters because there is no ticket for the Champions League final on June 1 in Madrid.

"I would like to hand over some of the tickets to the two main sponsors of the LFC (Liverpool FC) and THFC (Tottenham Hotspur FC) Independent Supporters – the Champions League. I received a final decision at the last place of the supporters of both clubs," He said.

The two clubs each received 16,600 tickets and must compete in the final of the 63,500-seat stadium. Approximately 22,300 tickets were distributed to sponsors, but were also distributed to the Regional Organizing Committee, UEFA, National Federation, Broadcasters and VIP Lodges.

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