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Very annoyed and annoyed by this new salesman Clément Anger.


Sophie Davant thought this new buyer, Clément Anger, would bring fresh air to the show. She soon fell into disillusionment. This is because ancient experts did behavior that did not have more to the animator. And she made him understand in front of everyone!

On Monday, November 9th, fans of the France 2 show spotted a young expert Clément Anger. At the age of 34, this antique dealer “We have a master’s degree in antique furniture expertise and are also installed at the Saint-Ouen flea market.”, We explained at the show. Clément Anger may be one of the show’s cadets, but he has a bottle! Because young men started when they were young!

I have no specialty. Everything makes me happy. Clement Anger“

In fact, from the age of 15, his parents shared a passion for antiques with him. Of course they are amateurs, but teenagers collect a lot of knowledge “at work”. “Early on, Clement worked as a broker by digging up coins for traders. He started his own business only after he got his art history license.“We find it on the grounds of Paul Bert Serpette, a large antique market located in the heart of the Saint-Ouen flea market, north of Paris.

I have no specialty. Everything makes me happy“, says Clément Anger, who regularly posts great work on Instagram. When not posting antiques on his account, Clément Anger shares a moment of privacy. The father of little Hugo and father of two twins Romy and Flora, he says. He takes pictures of his offspring regularly, his wife Caroline Anger-Giroux works in the same field at Galerie Daniel Templon, who also sells a variety of items on his site “Anger Antiquités”, including:

Clément Anger finds Al Paccino’s autograph in the film’s photo. Scarface !

On the Business Concluded stage, Clément Anger quickly demonstrated his know-how. He bought the aquatint of the painter Jacques Villon, which a certain Riverato had sold. Then he returned to sell Julien Cohen an autograph of Al Paccino on the film’s photos. Scarface. Viewers saw it again with an exceptional picture, estimated at 4,000 euros by auctioneer Patricia Casini-Vitalis. Clement Anger fought to leave behind 4,999 euros. A godsend to the seller who bought this painting for only 2,500 euros 4 years ago!

By the end of this famous sale, Sophie Davant joined the buyers team. “Obviously they are connoisseurs, especially Clément!“, she started. “Well done anyway! So tell the new buyer, are you okay?“, she wanted to know from other experts.

Sophie Davant quickly displayed details she didn’t like.

However, the presenter doesn’t hide her annoyance when he finds out that Clément Anger hasn’t rounded the offer to 5000. “4,999? Oh, I could say 5,000 euros anyway!“, she pointed to him. “1 euro is 1 euro!“, refuted Clement’s anger, confident of herself. I promise!

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