Monday , January 30 2023

What if my child has trouble sleeping?


It is a pathology that affects both adults and children: sleep disturbances. In Europe 1’s “Sans Rendez-vous”, 40-year-old listener and mother, Iman, worries about her 7-year-old son, a victim of a sleep disorder. Without giving any more detailed information, she wondered which specialist to consult. Dr. Jimmy Mohamed answers him and gives many French an update on many of these syndromes, which spend a restless night.

Sleep rhythm, somniloquia …

Some of the sleep disorders are very well known (sleep apnea, nightmares, night fears) and others are much less. An example is “sleep rhythm, stereotyped movements” before going to sleep. For example, it may be that children are shaking as if they were shaking. “If these movements are not dangerous, this sleep disorder is not serious.” Another symptom-somniloquia: people who speak while sleeping. It is very common for 85% of children aged 2 to 6 years and 25% of adults.

Good sleep for good growth

In order for Iman’s son to fall asleep more easily, he must first establish a sleep consciousness, explains Jimmy Mohamed. “We’ll brush our teeth, put on our pajamas, and go to bed, and above all, we avoid the screen.” This ritual should be short so as not to intensify the separation anxiety of the restless child.

The child needs to go to bed early because it is the first part of the night to secrete growth hormone. Therefore, a child who does not sleep will not grow up. That’s not all. Sleep disturbances are associated with learning disabilities. Therefore, it has been proven that children taking a nap better absorb the knowledge learned that morning.

Consult a sleeping doctor

If the problem persists despite all the problems, Jimmy Mohamed advises making an appointment with a sleeping doctor who is an expert in the problem. In some cases, he may, for example, suggest a sleep polymorphism test. In other words, the sleep log gives you a detailed view of everything that happens during your child’s night.

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