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Will the butterfly keyboard disappear faster than other keyboards?


Butterfly keyboards will be installed on all Apple notebooks since 2015, but the story of the MacBook is still bad. Reader I was surprised that some keys on the MacBook Pro faded in six months after purchase. He says he has not spent six years on the old MacBook Air.

A similar story can be found in various forums. Here, the user shows signs of a key on the MacBook in 2016 after 3 months of use. User complains about the same effect after 5 months. Another six months here, "Unbelievably fast" there. Fading continues until a white dot appears.

There is no criticism, and the speed of intervention is inevitable. According to these users, the keys on the Butterfly keyboard will disappear faster than the previous keyboard. In these cases, it is often difficult to assess the actual range. We will not generalize some cases identified on the Internet.

In any case, be aware that unlike the sensitivity to dust that triggered the repair program, discoloration does not affect the operation of the keyboard. Damage is aesthetic.

To avoid fast discoloration, start as follows. Wash your hands. Fingers in oil and ketchup will damage the key faster than a clean finger. Regarding cleaning the keyboard itself, Apple recommends the following treatments:

Then clean the outside of the unit with a lint-free cloth slightly moistened with water. Avoid moisture penetration through openings in the device and do not use aerosols, solvents, abrasives, or hydrogen peroxide.

The next step is to use the same keyboard protection or key sticker as that sold by Keyshorts.

Have you noticed the fast key wear of the butterfly keyboard?

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