Thursday , March 30 2023

With 1.32 million bottles of wine, Wallon wines break all records.


(Belga) Wallron wines are increasing with 1.32 million bottles of wine produced this year. This is actually more than 80% compared to last year and 40% compared to 2015, Echo reports.

The origins of this boom are: favorable weather conditions today, equivalent to an increase in the area currently under production (about 148 hectares). Regarding the quality of the wine produced, "it is at the top in terms of sugar and acidity," said Pierre Rion, President of Wallonia's Winemaking Association. René Collin, Minister of Agriculture at Walloon, "tries to benefit from the name". "We are actually more than 60 hectoliters per hectare average, which goes beyond the statutory standards for Wallon wines PDO (Belga)

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