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Adélio Bispo will be acquitted of Bolsonaro suffering from mental illness and will be detained indefinitely.

Judge Bruno Savino of RIO – Juiz de Fora (MG) Federal District Court 3
Adelio Bispo
To de Oliveira
No President Jair
(PSL), campaigning at Juiz de Fora in September 2019. Unfair reasons are invaders
It has persistent delusional disorder.
According to Adelio's medical advice and prosecutors, it is not fatal. In other words, you can not be punished. The judge switched the pre-trial detention to indefinite stay.

In a psychological assessment, Adelio said he would do it all again.

Adelio Bishop is admitted to the Center Maximum Security Cornate in Campo Grande, MS. The test will be done through a physical examination within 3 years. This means that if Adelio is not certified for the disease in the future, it will be able to fulfill the penalties stipulated in the Penal Code.

"Even though the defendant is typical or illegal, the defendant is suffering from mental illness and can not be punished because he should not be legally blamed." Understanding the unlawful nature of the facts and knowing that, "Savino wrote in the decision.

Adélio is responsible for the crime of "personal assault on political nonconformity" based on Article 20 of the National Security Law. According to the complaint, the purpose of Adélio Bispo de Oliveira was to remove Bolsonaro from the election dispute. If it is not considered unpepeachable, its sentence can reach up to 20 years.

Bolsonaro said in a brief statement to the Federal Justice Department that he did not pay attention to Adélio Bishop's approach and said he did not have time to defend himself.

"According to doctors, my survival was miraculous, and I had suffered a lot of pain in three surgeries, and to this day I suffer the consequences of this attempt," he said.

On the 27th day of the last day, the Attorney General concluded that Adélio had a persistent delusional disorder. This disease has been proven by all physicians who have evaluated the official expert and the technical assistant Adelius. There were no comments or reports indicating that the intruder did not have a mental illness in the document attached to the file.

The only divergence is related to the subcategories of this pathology. Jair Bolsonaro's lawyer has submitted his opinion with the conclusion that the psychiatrist he or she herself is suffering from the same disorder

Representative Adélio Bispo, who made a decision that could not examine Jair Bolsonaro's lawyer and the invader, did not have appeal from the Federal Public Service (MPF).

Adélio requested a transfer.

In his own written letter, Adélio
Ask to be moved to the jail of Montes Claros.
His home country, but his request for safety needs was denied. The intruder said the Campo Grande prison was built as a "feature of Masonic architecture, and it wants to be moved because the energy of Satan has permeated it." He was imprisoned in Campo Grande on 8 September 2018 when he was transferred from the Prison System Relocation Center (Ceresp) unit at Juiz de Fora (MG).

"It is not clear that the transfer to a common prison system will result in a specific death risk, and it should be remembered that the defendant himself reported that he was threatened by security forces, including the Justice Prison Reorganization Center "He said.

The association between Adelio Bispo and the Masonic theme has been repeated several times through the advice of a psychiatrist who testified about the mental illness of the invader. He said that Bolsonaro was part of a "masonic plot" to destroy Brazil, and he attacked him because he was trying to kill him when he left the prison. He also said he would like Michel Temer, the former president of the United States. According to Adélio, Temer will join Masonic's plot to conquer the affluence of Brazil.

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