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After meeting with Bolsonaro, Onyx claims that "temporary concerns"


Onyx Lorenzoni, deputy prime minister and prime minister of the new cabinet of the new government, said late Friday morning that he discussed "cross-border issues" with Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), elected president and "appointing temporary troops" with signed acts. Lorenzoni said that Bolsonaro will be next Tuesday in Brasilia, next Wednesday will meet with President Michel Temer in the federal capital and return to Rio for the fifth time.

Lorenzoni also said that Bolsonaro does not usually "act on security matters". Members of Parliament denied that the chairman reduced the law of silence, but stated that it was time to work and not talk. "It's time to talk a bit and work hard," he said as he left Bolsonaro's home in Barra da Tijuca, Rio. The women of the press and the ladies will be a bit more complicated. on Wednesday (Brazil) Brazil's future president, "he added.

About 12 o'clock, Bolsonaro left a convoy of five cars. For security reasons, do not publish your schedule.


Serious military corpses by Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) indicate that eight of the 22 posts that this week make up a list of the current government by Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS). According to the View Forum Posts two of them are dedicated to the infrastructure area, which the Bolsonaro team regards as a priority. The other 14 names are the future Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes and the Political Sector.

The 22 members of the transforming team, who have not been named yet, are expected to appear on Monday when they started work. Team resources say no new appointments are needed – Bolsonaro has 50 transition stations – as many volunteers

Sample View Forum Posts on Monday, the so-called "Brasilia Group" led by the military, gave 25 names to Lorenzoni, who participated in the transition. The group is responsible for transition in areas such as health, safety, infrastructure, work, environmental protection, international law, justice and defense.

The names marked at the beginning of the week include a university professor Paulo Coutinho, science and technology; Director of the Economic and Applied Research Institute (IPEA) Alexandre Ywata, for the environment; the Fire Service's Reserve Adviser and Colonel Luiz Blumm, health and defense; and the lieutenant colonel Paulo Roberto, education.

Members of temporary teams are temporarily in office for ten days after the new President of the Republic has been admitted. Before assuming, they will pass the examination of the Planalto Palace's area of ​​law, which will investigate whether there is any obstacle to the appointment in the public office.

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