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Alain discovers Danilo kills Julia and makes no decision · TV News

Alain (João Vicente de Castro) will find that Danilo (Rafael Cardoso) is not a murderer of Julia (Vitória Strada) in Mirror of Life. This revelation will be made by André (Emiliano Queiroz) and the filmmaker will decide to change the end of the movie Infinite Love.

Vincent (Reginaldo Faria) is in spirit, André will take action to calm Alain when she sees Julia's picture and finds she is Cris's last incarnation. At this point the public is not sure whether the mysterious owner is still spirit or alive. When the story ends, it is clear that he is the son of Julia and Danilo.

Andre will regress to see himself as Gustavo Bruno and advise him to understand everything that happened in the past incarnation. On the scene, which will be broadcast on Friday next week (22), he will be sure Danilo loved Julia so much and could never kill her.

If he finds that he is mistaken not to believe in Chris, he will annoy the character of João Vicente de Castro. He misses his ex-fiance and he will tour the fight with her. One of them questioned the spirit of the actress.

Until then, the character of Vitoria Strada will continue to pass the past Julia's assault on her chest before being assassinated.

In the final second week of Elizabeth Jhin's plot, the director of the movie Amor Infinito will consider changing the outcome of the feature film. He will tell the team that Danilo has killed someone he loves. He will tell Robson Nunes to stop shooting until he is convinced of the crime.

Who killed Julia?

Actress Vitória Strada will record three versions of the murder case of Julia Castelo. Elizabeth Jhin and Pedro Vasconcelos have set up a special plan to keep the perpetrators confidential until the scene is in the air. Only two people can tell what the true result is until the day of the performance.

Alinne Moraes, Gustavo Bruno, João Vicente de Castro and Eugênio (Felipe Camargo) do not mean that the murderer is one of the three since the girl's death in the last century.

Other actors will also be present on this album and there will be an explanation of Julia's previous life. She received a phone call from Beatrice and was shot dead in her chest.

The scene of Beatriz is seen in the early chapters of the dream that plagues Cris, the mainstay of the conspiracy these days. Beatriz (long hair) is also used in the scene where a young woman visits a boy named André.

The Mirror of Life will be replaced by the Orphans of the Earth, a plot that will convey the love story between two young Syrian refugees after 1 April.

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