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Amazon countries have seven years of dispute over the Amazon Internet – 05/17/2019 – Panel S.A.

Countries in the Amazon region, represented by ACTO, have lost more than seven years of disputes over the Amazon by the dominion ".amazon" on the Internet.

Icann, a global organization that specifies Web addresses and phone numbers, made the final decision for an American retailer on Friday (17).

"The Board of Directors can accept the proposed April 17, 2019 issue at Amazon Corporation, so ICANN's President and CEO requires that the application continue to be processed."

The first level domain is called .amazon (similar to ".com", ".org", or ".shop"). It was the subject of a dispute between eight Latin American countries and companies that share Amazon.

On the one hand, the company defended the commercial interests of connecting the domain with brands on the Internet. This allows you to create an address called "".

On the other hand, ACTO has pleaded for a shared model of name governance to ensure the cultural sovereignty of the locals. But the impact was also commercial, according to Itamaraty.

"We have not seen Amazon 's" " [açaí]However, it has all semantic areas related to tourism. & # 39; hotel. What does Amazon mean? It seems to be a company or official site in the Amazon region. Our industry will be at a disadvantage. "Said Achilles Zaluar Neto, one of the departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sheet.

In recent weeks, Amazon has squeezed Icann for justice.

Following Friday's decision, US retailers pledged not to harm ACTO countries.

"The Board expresses its gratitude to ACTO, ACTO Member States and the Amazon Corporation for their efforts and efforts to achieve a mutually recognized solution to this problem.

Icann decides some requirements for the company. For example, you can not use terms that have a basic and accepted meaning for the culture and traditions of the Amazon region, and you should post publicly promises about the 30-day offer.

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