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Andrés praises Danilo, but he does not guarantee him to the Corinthians as a player in 2019.


Former Corrine President Andrés Sanchez said the club's doors will always be open to midfielder Danilo. But he did not guarantee that he would remain on the team next season. The 39-year-old coach, Jair Ventura, is already working on his career for a year and said he will talk to the board to renew the contract at the Brazilian Championship final.

"With Danilo, we will talk about the time he wants, I told him a while ago, and if he is going to continue as a player he depends on the coaching staff.

Danilo recently had his first chance with coach Jair Ventura. He entered the second half of the match against Bahia and made two goals in the second round. With a good performance, the match against Botafogo, which lost 1-0 on Sunday, is on but is expected to start in the game against Sao Paulo on Saturday.

"It does not depend on me, we need to see the technical committee, but he already knows the door is open to him," Sanchez continued. Danilo now has 6 games until the end of the competition and is confident that he can still render in the field.

The veteran finished Corinthians nine years in the current season and is one of the most successful players in club history. He collected a total of eight cups in 2012, including Rivera Tadores and the World Cup final.

The main justification for Danilo to act in 2019 was that he was able to recover from a serious right leg injury in 2016. The athlete remained for a year and a half without field. The return took place in November of 2017, but it is only in the current season that it has regained pace.

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