Wednesday , February 8 2023

Andressa Suíta sends a "message" to Gusttavo Lima on the Internet.


Send messages from the Andressa Suite to Gusttavo Lima on the Internet - Reproduction / Instagram

Last Sunday (4) Andressa Suíta decided to send "recadinho" type to seradanejo singer Gusttavo Lima using the official page in Instagram. The two are married for many years and are very handsome Gabriel and Samuel, parents of two children.

"The text shared by Andressa on social networks is of great value to her husband because there is always someone who tells her husband to say gossip and secrets and he will not tell anyone because he does not pay attention to you.

At that time she still displayed hubby's profile in Instagram and of course wrote the word "Feel good".

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Andressa Suite sends a "message" to Gustavo Lima on the Internet.

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