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Animation series of Exterminator is under development!



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Writer Gilherme Suiza → Destination Terminator Still unsure in the theater, DC appears to be willing. Make a person work in another medium.. During the CW release announcement, Mark Pedowitz, president of the station Animation series The character CW Seed Streaming Platform.

Details of this project are not disclosed. It is worth remembering that CW is the broadcaster of all Arrowverso series and that they have made a great adaptation of the Terminator during the first season. arrow, this is Something very good is coming..

Terminator is one of Batman's greatest villains, and is most important in young Titanic stories and other DC cartoon novels. In recent years, characters have gained more visibility into comics and become one of their fans' love.

DC seed platform I can not sign in Brazil.So you need to know whether you are going to deploy this series on platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video or some TV stations.

With image Batman vs Turtle Ninja, DC's latest animation:

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