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Beta pogo, victory in 4 wins, approach to G6, Inter Sports


The challenge was great. Brazilian Championships. But as big as a challenge Beta Pogo Then go to Copa Libertadores. And the glory of that dream in mind International On Sunday (18th) from 1 PM to 0 PM, we always reached 47, approaching G6, avoiding demotion.

It was the fourth victory after Glorioso and stopped hunting from Colorado to Palmeiras.

Chile Domain

The game we had hoped for from the beginning, but Glorioso took the lead with Léo Valencia. The kick went off in 4 minutes and 15 seconds. On the 25th, the free kick was in the hands of Marcelo Lomba.

On the other hand, the visiting team bothered the left, but the low kick of 19-year-old Nico Lopez, easily defended by Gatito Fernandez, is the most dangerous winner in the first stage win.

A definite change

Zé Ricardo reversed the position of the Botafoguenses tip in the 30th minute of the technical ending. And it was fast: Luiz Fernando opened the gap on the right. Marcinho appeared as a surprise. I risked a corner kick. In the next match Matheus Fernandes crossed and Erik predicted Zeca on the left and Marcelo Lomba did not have a chance to defend. The score is 41 minutes.

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Colorado failed.

Inter have tried to compete in the second leg but their fans have a high confidence. The visiting team was besieged and surrounded, but failed. And at 10 o'clock, throwing the ball upside down, Luiz Fernando straightened out and Marcinho was first kicked. Lomba defended.

Dangerous waste

Botafogo, who wanted to win but faced a very inefficient opponent, started counterattacking. So Valencia and Rodrigo Pimpão had the opportunity. But Chile decided slowly, and the Colorado goalkeeper caught the ball. Pimpão tried to conceal Lomba, but Lomba escaped his goal. Finally, Kitty gave three important help. And in an uneasy Colorado, we were confused and saw Wellington Silva and Rodrigo Moledo being deported.

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Technical Datasheet
: Nilton Santos of Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Date / Time: 18/11/2018 – 17 hours (in Brasilia)
Referee: Rafael Traci (PR)
assistant: Ivan Carlos Vaughan (PR) and Rafael Trombeta (PR)
Import / General: R $ 156.802.50 / 17.373 Payment (19,006 gifts)
warningRodrigo Moledo, Rodrigo Dourado, Edenílson, D '# 39; Alessandro (INT); Carli and Rodrigo Pimpão (BOT)
Red card: Wellington Silva (54 & 2ºT), Rodrigo Moledo (55 & 2ºT)
goal: Plums, 41 & # 39; / 1ºT

Botagoo: Gatito Fernández, Marcinho, Carli, Igor Rabello and Moisés; Matheus Fernandes, Rodrigo Lindoso, Valencia (Renatinho, 40 ° / 2ºT); Eric, Brenner (Kieza, 25 & 2ºT) and Ruiz Fernando (Rodrigo Pimpão, 34 & 2ºT) Technical: Ricardo.

International: Marcelo Lomba, Zeca (Wellington Silva, 12 ºT), Rodrigo Moledo, Víctor Cuesta and Iago; Edenílson, Rodrigo Dourado and D '# 39; Alessandro; Nico Lopez (Rossi, 22ºT), Patrick (Camilo, 35 & 2ºT) and Leandro Damião – technician : Roomin Hellmann.

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