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Bolsonaro rejects some of the projects that penalize the parties.

President Jair Bolsonaro jointly declared a bill to ratify the US Congress that fined US Congress this Friday (17.2020.17). However, it rejected anist in relation to returning, collecting, or transferring donations from officials to the Treasury to perform assigned functions or positions.

Act 13.831 / 2017 amends Court 9.096 / 1995 and aims to ensure autonomy for political parties to define the tenure of permanent or provisional agency. Make another preparation.

On one note (as a whole) the government has vetoed the offer "Inadequate for the current accounting framework", Which will cause you to give up your earnings.

"In addition, there are 114 provisions of the ADCT and Art. LDO of the Rules of the Arts, 113 of which there are no estimates of the waiver due to the amnesty in the proceedings, and specific calculations and corresponding compensators", Notes.

The veto will be analyzed by Congress and Senators, and Congress and Senators have the privilege to maintain or overthrow it.

The government faces serious problems with public accounts. It is necessary to prevent contingencies, that is, part of the budgets of various ministries. Among them, the Department of Education blocked funds at the federal university and called for demonstrations across the country against the blockade of universities.

The passage is rejected by a bill that regulates the mandate of the party leadership. The bill was approved by Parliament on April 25.


Some of the licensed projects establish:

  • Women's applications: Parties that did not comply with the Women's Movement Incentives regulations but are using the funds for nomination through the 2018 election may be subject to punishment, and the party holding the previous year's resources is 2020;
  • Responsibility: Do not submit waivers, debts and federal tax credits and account statements to the IRS for municipalities that have not transferred resources or have collected cash-estimated assets.
  • Cadin: Even in the case of all rulings of the Elections Tribunal, even those whose accounts have been denied can not be registered with Cadin (credit information that is not deprived of institutional and federal agencies).
  • Civil and Criminal Liability: This text defines subjectively civil and criminal liability. Current leaders should not let the funds be received from the Partisan Fund, but in fact, they should contact the person in charge at that time.
  • Bank account : This document demonstrates that the party's national leadership has the obligation to apply the minimum resources to open bank accounts and promote women's participation in the women's fund-raising campaign.
  • Temporary directory:Provisional institutions of a State Party may last for a maximum of eight (8) years, and legends shall have autonomy to define the term of the long-term Member State, whether permanent or temporary.

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