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Brazil’s Corona 19 Prevalence Returned to No. 1 After Low Index, Imperial College | Corona virus


Transmission speed (Rt) novel coronavirus Back to Brazil Point monitoring at Imperial College London, UK. The estimate update was released on Tuesday (17) and takes into account data collected through Monday (16).

  • The world has more than 1.3 million deaths by Covid.
  • SP government first acknowledges increased hospitalization for Covid-19 in November

The report is The exponent is 1.10. This means that each group of 100 infected people transmits the virus to 110 others. This data takes into account an estimate of the mean mortality over two weeks. According to statistics, this ratio may be higher (max Rt = 1.24) or lower (max Rt = 1.05).

Scientists point out that “notifications of deaths and cases in Brazil are changing, and results must be interpreted carefully.”

Last week, Brazil hit 0.68, the lowest since April.

The “contagion rate” symbolized by Rt is a number that reflects the likelihood of spreading the virus. If the virus is greater than 1, each infected person transmits the disease to more than one person and the disease progresses.

Belo Horizonte has a transmission speed close to the red level.

Belo Horizonte has a transfer rate close to the red level.

Sao Paulo estimates

In addition to the Imperial College London estimates, Brazilian researchers reported that Rt.

In another follow-up, researchers at the University of Sao Paulo and the University of Estadual Paulista found a shift in transmission trends in early November. The infection curve rose again to reflect an increase in hospitalization in mid-October.

In the state of Sao Paulo, infection rates are increasing above 1 (1.05). It is expected to reach 1.11 next Monday. In the capital, the rate is higher. The trend is currently rising from 1.36 to 1.41.

According to a survey by a consortium of media outlets based on data from the State Department of Health, Brazil confirmed 16,101 deaths from the coronavirus by 1 pm this Tuesday (17th). United.

The moving average of new infections over the past 7 days was +59% difference compared to cases recorded over the 2 weeks. This percentage is the highest since June 3.

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