Friday , August 19 2022

Bruna Marquezine 's hungry tattoo on her arms.


The actress wrote "Jái faim". Please check the results.

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Actress Bruna Marquezine tattooed the phrase "Jai faim". "Jai faim" is in Portuguese and is like "I hungry".

Bruna Marquin

Bruna Marquin

Photo: Instagram / @brumarquezine / Estadão content

The result was shared at Instagram in Sabrina Conde, a tattooed tattoo artist at Bruna on Tuesday at 6 pm.

"Hungry cancer lion," Bruna wrote in her opinion. "No one has Taurus, right? [risos]"The tattoo artist replied.

Please check the results below:

Tattoos has produced a lot of humorous responses from fans in social networks.

Bruna Marquezine Please remind yourself of the other tattoos you made earlier.

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