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CAIXA says the company can sell slices, Petrobras says.

Petrobras said he received a letter from Caixa Econômica Federal in a statement issued on Wednesday, April 17, in which the bank said it was studying the possibility of selling its stock.

Of the alternatives under evaluation, Caixa said: "It does not rule out the possibility of a second public release (" registration ") of stocks registered in Brazil and the US State-owned oil companies say that the bank is" Law and financial advisor Syndicate.

Earlier this year, Civil House said the federal government would authorize the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) and Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) to sell Petrobras' stake.

Currently, Caixa holds a 3.2% stake in the capital of Petrobras as of the closing date of March. BNDES holds 9.9% and BNDESPar holds 0.2%.

Earlier this month, Secretary of the privatization and Discestments of the Minister of Economic Affairs Salim Mattar, Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, BNDES and Petrobras It will not be privatized. The statement was announced at an event held by the Bank of Bradesco in Sao Paulo.

View the status of each contest


The agency is currently working to convene an approved competition for the 2014 convention. In February, the Federal Public Ministry of Labor notified the Caixa Econômica Federal that it would call a successful candidate in the final contest through a written note. However, the number of candidates to be announced by MPT-DF has not been determined.

The internal statement of the state-owned enterprise issued on January 17 already confirmed the intention of calling the candidate. This document meets the recent findings of CEF Chairman Pedro Guimarães during his visit to the People Management Board in Brasilia. Unofficially and without giving much detail, he would have spoken with 2500 signatures.

According to Jair Pedro Ferreira, president of the Federation of National Employees Federation of Federal Savings Bank (Fenae), resumption of employment is positive but not sufficient. "It's a fight between Pena and other organizations, employees are overloaded and sick every day, calling the bankrupt people 2,500, and forcing 5,000 or 10,000 workers to retire and retire are useless" Criticized. Learn more about the Caixa contest.

At present, CEF will need to resolve the task of the last contest in order to elaborate a new contest.


The Petrobras Contest In 2018, we will recruit 648 opportunities, 108 will immediately hire, and 540 will be enrolled as a model registration reserve. BA, São Sebastião do Pass / BA, São Sebastião do Pass / BA, São Sebastião do Pass / BA, Salvador / BA, AM, Araucária / PR, Curitiba / PR, São Mateus do Sul / PR, Canoas / RS, Horizonte / MG, Bram / MG, Aracaju / SE, Carmópolis / RJ, Seropédica / RJ, São Paulo / SP, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo / SP, Anchieta / ES and Vitória / ES, Brazil.

According to Bid request PETROBRAS, Junior equipment engineer – Electrical (20 vacancies), Junior equipment engineer – Electronics (20 vacancies), Engineer (a) Junior equipment engineer – Junior engineers (20 vacancies), junior engineers (20 vacancies), junior engineers (55 vacancies) junior engineers (25 vacancies) (30 vacancies), junior engineering chemist (05 vacancy), administrative technician and junior controller (80 vacant rooms), junior commercialization and logistics engineer (30 vacant rooms), junior geologist (15 vacant rooms), Junior transport logistics technician – Control (15 vacant rooms), Junior transportation logistics technician – Operations (15 vacant rooms), Junior Maintenance technician – Sudan (5 vacant rooms) Junior security technician (15 vacancies – excluding)(50 vacant rooms), supply and service technicians Junior – mechanic (05 vacancies) and technicians (a) Chemical Junior oil (15 vacancies).

The multiple-choice tests were conducted on April 8, 2018 in Aracaju / Bellome / Belarus / MG, Brasilia / DF, Campinas / SP, Campo Grande / Mississippi, Curitiba / PR, Florianopolis / SC, Fortaleza / CE, Goiânia / GO, João Pessoa / PB, Macaé / RJ, Maceió / AL, Manaus / AM, Mauro / SP, Natal / RN, Porto Alegre / RS, Recife / PE, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Salvador / BA, Santos / SP, São José dos Campos / SP, São Luís / MA, São Mateus / ES, São Mateus do Sul / PR, São Paulo / SP and Vitória / ES.

The company has not yet announced whether it will start a new open bid in 2019.

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