Sunday , April 18 2021

Ceni warned that he would not accept an invitation to return from Leco to Sao Paulo – Cities

Rogério Ceni warned that he did not intend to return to Sao Paulo soon. This is due to Carlos Augusto Barros e Silva and Leco. He fired him last year a few months after his three-color team. Fortaleza's coach convinced him that he had lost confidence in his leader and would not accept the proposal for him by the end of 2020.

"I am grateful to São Paulo for giving me a chance and I can not hide his eternal affection for a club that has revealed me for football, someday I will someday come back sometime after 2020." If I were president I would not seek him, I will not invite him, "he told Fox Sports.

The former goalkeeper of São Paulo had a good season in Fortaleza, exactly the same as Ceará's 100th anniversary celebration, leaving Serie B and the invisible title. The prestigious team does not reveal whether to sign a contract next year with the Brazilian championship team and hopes to end the competition to make a decision.

Ceni also mentioned his career at the time he started his career in Sao Paulo. "I think I had a good chance at first, I have all my stories based on Sao Paulo, I do not feel angry, I see fans cheering for Fortaleza and following it like Sao Paulo I think, because of the relationship with São Paulo, there are a lot of people watching Fortaleza plays, "he explained.

The coach criticized his departure under his mandate because of the drop in income of Sao Paulo. "With Luiz Araújo and David Neres doing good in Europe because we did not succeed, we lost speed on the side, and these players are getting harder," he recalled.

He also worked with a very young group in São Paulo, along with athletes trained in Cotia's main categories, and emphasized that a lot of people came up to major teams. And he quoted Militão, who had already been sold to Porto. "I have done my best with the team and my conscience is clear," Ceni said on Thursday at the B-series title party Castelão that Juventude will lead Portela.

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