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Conjur: PF recycling fee for Joesley


Márcio Chaer, Conjur – April 2017 Joesley Batista businessman and former JBS executive committee member Ricardo Saud explained in detail the bribing of Dilma Rousseff's Department of Agriculture and the funding of the Eduardo Cunha campaign. In Annexes 5 and 8, under the orders of the Chamber of Deputies, the authors collected records, invoices and other documents to back up the information.

Backing JSC's claim, Lúcio Bologna Funaro confirmed the narrative of the rapist who executed the robbery in four months after the first prosecution, in a situation of lack of precision and documentation. Mário Velloso, president of the federal police, said, "At this meeting, we moved 310 federal police officers from Minas Gerais, São Paulo, to dismantle the criminal organization operating in the prime minister's office and the Ministry of Agriculture. To, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, Paraiba and the Federal District.

Judge Mônica Sifuentes ordered the arrest of 19 defendants in 2014 to prevent overdue acts. In its decision, it welcomes federal prosecution claims that defendants can destroy evidence that the defendants filed in court last year with Joesley, Saud and Funaro.

Deputy Velloso insisted that employees omitted information and interfered with justice. However, I did not say that there was a dropout or a failure. Investigations existed because workers approved by the Supreme Court are still enforceable.

The script of Velloso's Pantomime script revived the famous "operation" (a nickname invented to glorify the police movement to comply with a court order) that appeared unused. Warned and summoned the media before the defendant's persecution. The already widely publicized facts have been presented as miraculous. The decision to justify a temporary arrest was not materialized.

In the end, the people involved have already submitted documents on the practice of the problem. In this case, only the person who can destroy the evidence will be the country. Because the defendant did not take over the occupation in 2014, there was no delinquency. There was already a fine, a Senate was registered (favored by the country), Antioio Andrade was not an agricultural minister, and Eduardo Cunha was a member of parliament.

So, at first, the institute that won the honor won the gloom. Those that all their enemies have not done, their most enthusiastic, are successful. The balance of the show this week is one: It is now known that the federal police have a delegate named Mario Velloso.

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