Wednesday , June 7 2023

Contact Us | Luciano Huck joined the debate between Silvio Santos and Claudia Leitte.



Huck and Silvio

Luciano Huck also participated in the debate between Silvio Santos and Claudia Leitte. Many netizens have announced that SBT owner Daniela Beyruti has decided to enjoy her daughter's letter, which she decides to defend her father.

Daniela, who has already written a longer text after the embarrassing scene at Teleton, says, "It promotes what it likes rather than attack or dislike.

In a series of posts, Daniela posted a photo of Silvio with her family. Huck enjoyed one of them. Many people were impressed that the presenter would be on Silvio side. He has not officially stated the case yet. Check it out:


Silvio on Facebook

In the old days, Daniela was shown to be on the stage with "a sincere and working person, a superparent, a grandfather, a grandfather, a good husband, a working colleague, a decades old communicator and a person who always sang good things in front of your wife and daughter, Can you? ", Asked Daniela. "I missed the last TV, where there was a lot of jokes and embarrassment," she said.

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