Monday , February 6 2023

Doria says that being a defendant for Kassab's alleged box 2 is & # 39; not a problem.


João Doria (PSDB) Sao Paulo's governor announced on Monday (5) that the entire market for his management civil engineer, Gilberto Kassab (PSD), will begin in January 2019.

Kassab, Minister of Science and Technology and Innovation of Michelle Teder (MDB), was convicted in September of this year's prosecutor's office in São Paulo. Doria and Kassab said the charges would not affect the power of attorney at all.

"I trust the judiciary, prosecutor's office and the media in Brazil and can always be assured that all my actions in public life are based on the standards of morality. I am very calm about the end result of this outcome "The ruling," the minister said Monday.

"To us, of course, this does not cause any kind of problem, he has publicly shown through his career as the president of PSD and the first supporter of our candidates. [como] He is also the minister of science and technology. "

As a pastor, Kassab has a privileged forum and has the right to respond to STF cases. As a secretary, you will respond to them in the upper courts.

Three inquiries about Kasab, which are currently being processed by the Supreme Court and indicate the delinquency of Odebrecht and J & F executives at JBS, are expected to be transferred to STJ, which holds the National Secretary Forum.

"The privileged level has not been going for a year and a half, and the position change will not change in any way," Kasham said in the report.

Doria announced on Monday that the government secretary was extinguished. According to him, other departments that make public computers lighter will no longer exist in executive projects. The deputy minister of Rodrigo Garcia (DEM) is the head of government department.

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