Wednesday , June 7 2023

ELA and the Brazilian make an application for language-impaired


José Afonso Braga (47 years old) was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2013. The disease attacks the central nervous system and causes progressive irreversible motor paralysis. Within a year of checking the diagnosis, Ze already lost all body movements and voices because he liked to be called.

He tried voice recognition apps, but most of the options on the market were limited to English, fixed dictionaries, and confusing interfaces. A miner, a father of three children, trained in the information technology field, fought a kind of fight to develop alternative communication methods. WeCanSpeak has emerged.

Interviews Privacy Policy It was built in the living room of Zé's house in a condominium in South Lake under the ward of his wife, Valéria Braga. Just a few minutes before the conversation started when the photographer was preparing, he put a "Tom Cruise" type filter on the camera, making me look good.

The conversation with reporters occurs entirely only through the eye movement of the interviewee. The movement of the eye is fixed at the key of the computer screen until the word is formed and later converted to audio. Despite all the limitations, he says he is particularly healthy because of his skilled care and full support of his family and friends.

The official launch of WeCanSpeak was held on the last day, with over 300 participants in 10 days. Downloads. This tool can be used refine You can use it for free. A paid version is provided to "demanding users" as Ze itself categorizes.

The basic assumptions set for application development are: (Users can create their own dictionaries with complete words and phrases that are appropriate for their daily lives). It should be simple, practical, and intuitive (users do not have to perform multiple commands to say simple phrases). (People with all sorts of purchasing power can access the tool).

With this app, you can also play poker with your friends at home on Thursday. According to his wife, gambling is still early in the morning. "Communication is the foundation of socialization and social skills are probably the greatest suffering caused by this disease," he said.


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