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Eliminating the appendix can reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease

Since the age of 65, 1% of the world's population will grow. Parkinson's disease, According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO). The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease is low, but the number of people affected is substantial and the actual cause is unknown to doctors and specialists.

>> What is the appendix for?

However, there is doubt as to what causes this neurodegenerative condition. One of the recent publications from researchers in the US, France, Sweden and Canada Appendix – Other organs with the correct function in organisms are not yet completely clear.

In a study published by the journal Science Science translation medicine In late October, researchers realized that one of the proteins of alpha-synuclein, a hallmark of Parkinson's disease, was found in large amounts and pathogenic form in the cecum.

Therefore, withdrawing the Appendix will reduce the risk by 19.3% or postpone the onset. To reach this answer, the researchers examined the results of two independent databases of more than 1.6 million people.

The researchers found that people who withdrew appendix years ago had a low risk of this disease. This association is mainly seen among people living in rural areas. There is a greater proximity to pesticides, a known factor that can lead to the onset of Parkinson's disease.

One of the causes of Parkinson's disease may be related to the characteristics of the appendix. Photo: Bigstock

"Exposure to insecticides can lead to Parkinson's disease, which is usually more difficult to treat.Maybe it's a mimicry of Parkinson's disease, but people living in rural areas have a greater risk of Parkinson's disease if they get in contact with insecticides. "We can see this difference in the association," explains Renata Ramina, a neurologist at Pilar Hospital and clinical director of Parana 's Parkinson' s Disease Association.

>> Quivering is not the first sign of Parkinson's disease.

Symptoms to report

The possible relationship between Parkinson's disease and other organs of the body has been studied for years. Because experts have realized that early symptoms of Parkinson's disease can not move from the common sense of Parkinson's disease and do not slow down or manifest symptoms of movement disorders.

"There are symptoms before the discovery of diseases such as Parkinson's Disease. The intestines are trapped., Change I love you. Sleep, Loss In smell And depression. However, always a person relate to the condition and look for a doctor. When the diagnosis is finally made, the patient has already lost 60-70% of the neurons in the brain, "explains neurologist Renata Ramina.

The relationship with bowel is also enhanced by the presence of neurons in the organs of the digestive system because of symptoms such as Parkinson's triggers. "It's believed that there are many neurons in the intestine, too much of a second brain, which is believed to start there, which gets up through the vagus nerve and damages the brain, but that's all the theory." Experts added.

>> Appendicitis is confused with gastrointestinal pain.

However, seek medical advice if the following symptoms occur frequently:

Changes during sleep;
Fatigue, lack of balance or dizziness;
Symptoms of depression;
Mental confusion, amnesia, difficulty in thinking and understanding;
Difficulty of speech;
Loss of sensation or smell.
Muscle tissue: instability, rigidity, complications.

Current therapy

Currently, Parkinson's Disease has no cure, but medication can help you control your symptoms. Because this disease reflects the deficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine, the main treatment of this therapy is to replace this substance. "Renata Ramina, a neuroscientist, explained that" the main treatment of Parkinson's disease will continue. "

If the patient can not control the symptoms even when testing other medicines, he can direct the operation. As Ramina explains, this person has a nucleus in the damaged brain, which can be an electrode that interferes with the action of that part. This helps to maintain symptoms and quality of life.


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