Saturday , June 25 2022

Felipe Melo will be accused of assault at STJD after Vasco’s armbar | Palm tree


After ankle surgery, Felipe Melo now sees a name related to the High Court (STJD).

Palmeiras’ midfielder will be aggressively criticized for ambass applied to Vasco’s Léo Matos in Brasileirão’s 1-0 win. This information was originally published by UOL and Cycle.

Court Attorney General Ronaldo Piacente told the report late Tuesday that Felipe Melo will be on the agenda later this week.

Felipe Melo applies arm lock to Léo Matos in a match between Palmeiras and Vasco.

The image of the broadcast will be grounds for dissatisfaction, as Anderson Daronco, the case’s referee, warned only Felipe Melo in conversation before imposing a corner kick.

Felipe Melo’s action would put him in Group 254-A, stopping 4 to 12 matches if convicted. There are no predictions for judgment.

However, Palmeiras’ midfielder and captain is already out for physical reasons. His ankle fracture that occurred shortly before Vasco will disqualify the player for at least three months.

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