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Ganso is criticized for quoting Chape fans and plane tragedies. A woman advocates him.

Fluminense midfielder scoffed at Chapecoense fans with a 1-1 draw in the ninth round of Brasileirão on Thursday night (13).

Paulo Henrique Ganso led a discussion with Chapecoense fans Thursday night at the Condá Arena (13). In the 1-1 draw, Fluminense midfielder responded with a disdain for the public in the ninth round of the Brazilian championship and a negative reaction to the social network.

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The tricolor 10 shirts did not hear good news from local fans in the final game before stopping for Copa America. "Son of the Blood …" and "will be taken to …" is a favorite of the public. The player also claims that the group members spit in their direction.

Ganso, who was inspired by the situation, saved the enemy of criticism. Looking at what happened in 2016, the player was fired from an interview on the PFC channel when the aircraft fell to full cast and more than 70 people died.

"I would be very grateful for what happened to the Chavensense sponsor," he said. Everything has happened, should not, and should be appreciated. Because everyone wanted to help Chauche consensus in the club's difficult moments. They point it to the crowd. "Now they were spitting, but what were they going to do?

"Are you going to fight me? Look, I call you fighting over there." "It's unfortunate that Chapman's fans are unfortunately joking," says Brazilian. "I get angry when people talk about them. The world. "

Paulo Henrique Ganso came back to talk about the case in an interview in the mixed area. The athlete emphasizes that he spit out from time to time.

"I was just talking to your friends and I think we should respect the players a little more." Even if you spit, no one can do it, "he concluded.

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Of course, the goose's declaration had a negative impact. Below you can see the criticism of the player.

On Friday (14) afternoon, the goose woman appeared in Instagram's defense of the husband of criticism received from the social network in his profile.

"I saw you leaping out of bed, saying the disaster of that day, because I was a wake-up man, I was afraid and suspicious, I know that you, your victims, your relatives, I remember how much I prayed for the survivors, the clubs, the fans, the clubs, and I know that I am hurt today, but I also know that this minority is not close to love with the unions created by all tragedies in Brazil and the world Chapecoense is much bigger than the son we saw today (which I did not understand because I do the job with the father).

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