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Google records everything you buy online.

As CNBC announced on CNBC on Thursday, it is not a secret that Google has a wealth of information about people, This is because we have verified that the US newspaper has a page titled & # 39; Purchased & # 39; in your Google Account, so we record your purchases online and record your purchases elsewhere.

Journalist Todd Raselton pointed out that there is at least a record of transactions since 2012. He said he bought a product using a service or application such as Amazon, DoorDash, or Seamless, or he bought a store like Macy & # 39; s, but did not buy it directly through Google. He also notes that there is a lot of information about buying habits because digital receipts are sent to Gmail even if they did not purchase using the Google website.

Todd Raselton Recorded in shopping list "Shopping" (Photo caption: CNBC)

A company spokesman said CNBC was designed to help users view, track, and subscribe to purchases, bookings, and subscriptions in one place, and that users can view them. It also states that you can remove this information at any time. The spokesman said information about Gmail messages is not used to display ads.

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Despite these claims, Todd reported that the process of excluding shopping lists was extremely difficult. He explains that multiple items can be lost because receipts end up with e-mails related to them. If a person keeps a receipt and excludes data only from the "Purchases" page, you'll need to enter details by item to perform this action. This can take an incredibly long time.

Another issue faced by the reporters lies in our privacy policies and the actual inconsistencies. According to your search engine company's documents, your order information may be stored on other Google services, so you can exclude order information from the "My Activities" page. However, you can not manage the data stored in & # 39; Purchase & # 39; on our Activity Control page.

It's odd that companies that even claim to not use or sell data stored in "Purchases" will not be able to easily manage this page without being published to Google. Regarding the survey, Google said it intends to simplify the configuration to make it easier for CNBC to control it.

Source: Cliff, CNBC

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