Sunday , May 16 2021

Hana removed from paredo for Hariany and Rzia from BBB19.

(Photo: Reproduced
(Photo: Reproduction / RedGlobo)

Carioca activist and youtuber Hana, third from the paredo in Big Brother Brasil 19 3. In a dispute with Hariany and Rzia the night of this Tuesday (5/2), she left home with 47.98% of the vote. After releasing the results, she underwent a crying crisis affecting social networks.

Last Thursday (31/1) After Alan was appointed by the team, Hariany pierced the wall earlier this week. Alan got permission because it was removed for the first time in the test.

As usual, before the vote began on the last Sunday (3/2) for the formation of the paredo, an angel of the week immunized one of his brothers. Angels Maycon and Tereza agreed that Protégé should be Diego.

After the consciousness of the angel, Carol became the leader of the leader and presented some to the critics. She did not hesitate to sandwich Hana and with Hariany and Paula justified that her sister rejected her at the leader's trial last week.

Hariany, named by Alan after Thursday's (31/1) last week, has been on the lead since last Thursday (31/1).


This was BBB 19's third corner. Last week Gustavo left home. In ophthalmology with Paula and Hariany, the ophthalmologist got a mark of 78.94%.

The removal of the former mining company Vinicius was called "superparedo" because it consisted of 14 participants.

Not only did they lose their homes, but they also lost Fbio due to sponsored issues. This program is an abbreviation of Vanderson removed by production after being called to testify on an intrusion. rape.

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