Friday , August 19 2022

Health Department Meets Pfizer, Johnson, Sputinic V-News


After the announcement of positive preliminary results for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, the Ministry of Health will receive a representative from the pharmaceutical company to discuss the purchase of immunity. According to information obtained by Estadão, the first meeting with Pfizer will be held this Tuesday (17th). Tomorrow, the engineers in the portfolio will meet representatives from Johnson & Johnson. On Thursday, we are planning an agenda with Sputnik V vaccine developers.

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There is no government promise to purchase these vaccinations. The Pentagon’s speech is that the government will buy the first safe vaccine on the market. However, President Jair Bolsonaro has decided to reject the acquisition of Coronavac, developed by Chinese pharmaceutical Sinovac. It was São Paulo, governor of João Doria (PSDB), who led the negotiations for access to drugs in Brazil.

Clinical studies are ongoing in Brazil to develop vaccines for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. However, Sputnik V has not yet been tested in the country, and the government’s idea is to hear the value and conditions of access to the vaccines provided by companies. One question from the government is how to ensure storage of vaccines that require extremely low temperatures.

The Ministry of Health monitors 270 studies of the COVID-19 vaccine. The current government bet is on an immune device developed by Oxford University in conjunction with the AstraZeneca Lab. The government invested about 2 billion rupees to purchase 100 million doses of vaccine and prepare Fiocruz for independent drug production.


As another move to find a vaccine, Brazil expects 10% of the population to be vaccinated through a consortium of Covax facilities led by the World Health Organization (WHO). The state has invested 2.5 billion rupees to join the consortium.

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