Wednesday , April 14 2021

"If you return two million, the merchant says,

The honest attitude of the merchant became news of the reporter's attitude this week. Her mistake in the banking system, where she kept a checking account, caused her balance to go slightly above $ 2 million, and she believed that God had more for her, I found an institution.

The case revealed that on Tuesday November 13 Vanilda Bruni de Souza received a statement from her account and found a balance of R $ 2,057,000.00. She accompanied her nephew Paula Beatriz Souza, and the cashier realized her value was above normal.

"I am aunt, you have too much money, you have a lot of money and you do not know where you came from, but something went wrong," Paula Beatriz said. TV GazetteI belong to TV Globo of Espírito Santo.

Paula entered the bank's application to pay for the ticket, and the money was about $ 1,500 before the bill went into the bill, "said a merchant who owned a small restaurant in Vitória (ES). Immediately, she called the bank manager and said clearly that the manager was afraid. "When he opened it, he was afraid that your account was a millionaire," he said.

After the error was reported, the amount was withdrawn from the account and the manager called to explain the situation. "He was in trouble on account and he was not mine," said the merchant.

Vanilla was once a laundry and maid and explained how she had sold snacks on the street for five years before opening the restaurant and why she called the bank and reported the following errors: "I am convinced what God is giving me, it will be R $ 2 million or more." He added that he was full of debt.

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