Friday , March 31 2023

Infantino punishes possible European super league players | FIFA


FIFA President Gianni Infantino agrees to ban soccer players who can play in the European Super League, and should not stay in body-building if made.

At a press conference at the FIFA headquarters, the boss warned that if he leaves the body-approved official match to join a private league, the best players in the world will be punished.

"The Italians, noting the World Cup as well as the European team and the championships that could be excluded from the national championship, said," You are in or out of business. All included. "

Five of the top 5 European league clubs in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France are likely to start the team in 2021 and create a 16-team super league to replace the Champions League. Run away from UEFA controls.

"If you leave, you definitely can not afford to leave one foot," said Alasdair Bell, FIFA's director of law. He has been a member of UEFA class for a long time like Infantino and has changed the league's prize money. Champions and admission rules to prevent elite clubs and separatist threats

Infantino has already been a FIFA president since 2016 and plans to reorganize the World Championship with twelve European clubs and 24 teams. He believes, "Do not make any attempt to think about the possibilities of such a league."

The FIFA Working Group will evaluate the renewal of the competition, including new events, to ensure that all national teams hold new events every two years with Infantino, which is waiting for a decision at the FIFA Council at the FIFA Council in Miami in March 2019. .

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