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INSS Form 85/95 to ensure full retirement; Be sure to ask for benefits soon.


Insured persons of the National Social Assistance Organization (INSS) who wish to retire as a necessary benefit of Formula 85/95 must apply to their bodies by December 31st. Starting in January, the rules established in 2015 will change to ensure that the sum of age and contribution time is 85 (for women) or 95 (for men). The formula requires a minimum score. 96/96

According to experts, workers should be aware of the National Register of Social Information (CNIS) on the My INSS ( portal if they already have criteria for applying for retirement on time. Reached.

– If everything is right, your application for retirement must be made by December 31 before the rules are changed. If you do not take out insurance now from 2019, you must abide by the Progressive 86/96 (the required score will rise until 2026) – said Luiz Felipe Pereira Veríssimo of Instituto de Estudos Previdenciários (Ieprev).

The Social Security Act, approved three years ago, has made official 85/95 progress since 2019. In other words, starting next year you will need additional points to grant full retirement every two years. Until this reached the sum of 90/100 on December 31, 2026.

Veríssimo points out that insured people who have worked in unhealthy conditions or those who have been self-employed for a certain period of time should also be cautious. This is because it is common for the INSS registry to have errors about the duration and contributions. If there is an inconsistency, the interested party must have a hand document proving the time and the speculation.

If you do not reach 85/95 this year, you can apply for retirement if you can prove 30 years (female) or 35 years (male). However, in this case, when calculating the initial income, social security factors can occur, which can reduce profits by up to 40%.

Waiting is not advantageous.

The progression of Formula 85/95 starts from 2019 and creates an interesting phenomenon. The year will change as people get closer to retirement age. As a result, these insured persons must add another 1 point. In other words, you should have more contributions and more ages. Indeed, many workers will seek conditions to apply for benefits, but they will always be overdue. Depending on the situation, the ideal sum up to 2026 is applied until the formula is stabilized at 90/100.

In this case, it may be more advantageous to ignore the Progressive Formula 85/95 and request an early retirement considering only the contribution time (30 years, female and 35 years). The insured will soon start receiving benefits even if their income is reduced due to social security factors.

According to attorney Luiz Felipe Veríssimo's simulations, 37 57-year-old men (who already added 94) plan to retire next month, and if they want to pursue, they must work for one year. The full benefit (because the formula will rise to 96 in 2019). In other words, when seeking the ideal amount he will no longer receive R $ 30,600 (considering the average income of R $ 3,000).

A woman aged 54 and 30 (a woman who receives an employee's wage of 30 million won) can not get it from INSS and can get R $ 25,400 (R $) a year if she pays full retirement pension. So instead of pursuing the formula, it would be more fun to retire soon, even if you spend less social security.

You can also change the rule.

If Progressive Formula 85/95 is annulled by a possible pension reform – sent by the Michel Temer team's proposal to the National Assembly, but not voted – taxpayers called social security factors. This usually reduces the value of the benefit to those who retire before the age of 60. After that age, it is beneficial because it stimulates more work and delays retirement. The point is that many Brazilians are still 55 years old. Therefore, they are harmed.

The problem is that Formula 85/95 displeases Jair Bolsonaro, the next President-elect. According to him, the end of this rule will go into another form of profit calculation. In order to be fully retired, INSS insured must contribute for 40 years. But for professionals, it will not bring any financial gain.

– It is unreasonable to suggest that the insured person's full retirement plan for 40 years in the reform plan. On the one hand, you do not get Social Security benefits. This is because the salary will continue to be paid after this period. On the other hand, for 40 years of work and contribution, the social security component will be beneficial to workers (over 60 years old) and the benefits of Veríssimo will also increase.

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