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Lyme disease: I had an unbearable pain for months until I found that the tick had a serious illness.

Between October and December last year, the student Fátima Suzane de Oliveira was transferred to the Emergency and Emergency Room of Recife (PE) private hospital more than 20 times. She reported that she felt severe pain in her head and body, and her vision was blurred and she had a moment of delirium. For months he followed up without a diagnosis.

Her symptoms were worse every week. "I once had arthralgia in my left hand, it went up in my arm, and my heart began to suffer as if I had a heart attack," BBC News Brazil says.

According to the students, doctors assessed various possibilities for health problems. "I did a lot of tests that did not point out any illness, but I said I could feel uneasy, I was afraid nobody knew what I had," he recalls.

In early March, a few months after the unanswered, Suzane was diagnosed as her friends knew: Lyme disease – a disease transmitted by tick-borne bacteria. Disease can affect all systems of the human body.

The disease was discovered in the 1970s in Lime City, Connecticut, USA. It usually starts with skin lesions and can cause symptoms such as headaches or fever. As a result, the patient may have symptoms on the skin, joints, nervous system or heart.

Suzane spent a devoted day in research. She attended biomedicine as she dreamed of getting a medical degree and was in the process of preparing for the National High School Exam (Enem) exam. Due to health problems, she stopped studying. "I was totally hurt by this disease."


According to Suzane, one of the complicated episodes of the disease was late December. At that time, she began to struggle to walk. "I felt a lot of pain in my spine and I could not get out of bed," he says. Since then, she has a period of difficulty and time to move on her own, and some places need help walking.

As she became more and more debilitated, Suzane began searching the Internet for the symptoms she had. "When I read about Lime, I thought it was not my case because I knew there was no record of disease in Recife at first.

She collected blood and sent it to a hospital in the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. "There was no place to test in Recife," says a young woman.

The result came a few weeks later. "The disease was complicated because it was discovered late," he said, "because the diagnosis becomes difficult after months of first symptoms, making the treatment more difficult." As in all the cases found in Brazil, Diagnosed with version.

In Brazil, this disease is similar to that of the Northern Hemisphere. But there is a certainty that distinguishes it. For this reason, experts refer to Marcella, such as Borrelio Brazil, Syndrome Vajio Yoshinari or Brazilian Lime. Cures are generally similar in general.

The rheumatologist Natalino Yoshinari is a pioneer in the study of the Lyme of Brazil and explains how symptoms can go on and the differences in cases found in Brazil, Europe and North America.

According to Yoshinari, borrelia burgdorferi is a bacterium that infects lime and is mainly concentrated on ast ticks of Brazilian Amblyomma cajennense species. In areas like the Northern Hemisphere, bacteria are present in other species of parasites.

Bacteria are distinguished by ticks responsible for infecting them and by climate and ecological aspects of each region. Yoshinari pointed out that less than 5% of people infected with parasites can develop the disease.

Approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme are diagnosed each year in the United States. There is no estimate of this disease in Brazil.

Tick ​​bite

After being diagnosed with the disease, Suzane began to wonder about the moment he was bitten by parasites. "After meeting people with limes, I realized that it is common not to know the exact moments of tick bites.

Suzane said she came to the conclusion that she was stabbing in the middle of last year on her way to the course. "I remember holding my clothes, I was watching, and I could not find anything, because I was in a hurry, I could not find anything because I was running."

She believes she has bitten the gluteus maximus. "At that time there was a minor injury, but I did not think it was serious."

"I understand that the strong flu I have at the end of September is the start of symptoms of this disease," he adds.

The student claims that he does not know the origin of the tick that attacked him. "There is a possibility that I am on the rug that I put in front of the apartment door because the dog always passes by," he said.

Ticks that transmit Lyme in the Northern Hemisphere are commonly found in wildlife such as deer, bears and rodents. In this way, most of the time you enter the forest, you are infected.

In Brazil, bacterial contaminated parasites have already been identified in dogs, cows, horses, capybara, small marsupials and rodents, according to Yoshinari. "Since both wildlife and livestock can become bacterial reservoirs, the disease is even more dangerous in terms of the risk of contamination," experts say.

To prevent this disease, the doctor advises on the use of carrapaticides in livestock and the use of insecticides before entering the forest area. If a patient finds tick bites and their health problems, it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately.


As soon as she was diagnosed with lime, Suzane began taking antibiotics. The young woman went to the hospital to take the drug into the mouth or vein for 28 days. She said part of the treatment plan was covered by a health insurance fund. "I spent about $ 200 more with vitamins."

Susan said he did not get well after the treatment. "I still feel a lot of pain in my body. I can not walk normally and I am tired," said the student. She continues to use oral antibiotics.

Antibiotic therapy is the treatment of choice for Brazilian diseases. Available in Integrated Health System (SUS). Leandro Prado, a rheumatologist who studies Brazil's Lyme, said, "However, there is no special service for these patients.

Prado says that antibiotic treatment often produces good results and, in rare cases, symptoms may reoccur.

The biggest problem in Brazil is misinformation about this disease, and many patients are not being treated in acute phase. "Says Prado.

Given that he will not be able to cure the disease with antibiotics alone, Suzane is planning to go to Germany for treatment. "There are other countries with alternatives, but there are a lot of reports on treatment in Germany, and Lime did not come back."

The plans she plans to do in Germany include an alternative procedure. "There is an in-depth examination of all the cases of Lyme, with alternate treatments using antibiotics and ozone therapy [no Brasil pode ser realizado apenas em caráter experimental] And vitamins. You can then strengthen the patient's immune system to remove any bacteria left behind. "He says.

Brazilian experts argue that there is no scientific evidence and do not recommend finding alternatives to this disease. "They are not the therapeutic procedures adopted by serious researchers, they consume the property, and there is no certainty of improvement," says Yoshinari.

Despite experts knowing that they are opposed to alternative therapies, Suzane wants to continue the process in Germany. "I think it's the only alternative I've left."

She estimates that $ 140,000 is needed for overseas treatment – including four weeks of stay and six months of medication. To get an appeal, the young woman opened "Kitty Online". So far he has only received $ 3000. If you do not reach the value, do not rule out other measures. "I think about making a loan or something because I do not have money."

Life after death

Today, Susan's greatest dream is to heal the disease and no longer suffer from constant pain. A young woman defines lime as "a feeling of life."

In recent months, one of her main companions was her boyfriend, Lucas Mafra. He took her to the hospital and took her to the hospital every day for treatment. "I tried to give you maximum comfort because it was horrible to meet someone you love and stop your life because you have no strength," I blame the boy who is dating the student for two years.

While she thinks it is the hardest time in life, Suzane has a dream for the future. "I want to go to school because I always have fun. Someday I hope I can become a doctor and help others with dreams."

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