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Marina, pulled by a luxury car, collects $ 25,000 in Kitty.

William Matos
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Marina Izidoro de Morais, 63, is working at a jungle party in Taguatinga South and is recovering physically and mentally after being taken for about 100 meters. To help the salesperson, the organizer of Razões Para Belreditar organized Kitty to help her. Because she lost that day and spent her recovery. We collected R $ 27,430.00 by 12 noon on this Tuesday.

In addition to balloon sales, Marina is a full-time worker. For a few days she will not be able to work because of injuries wounded last Saturday (15th). She contributes to INSS because she has not retired yet.

The donation has exceeded the initial goal of the creator of Kitty, which stipulated $ 10,000. If someone wants to donate, they can do it within 27 days. Do you want to help Marina? Click the link.

Driver found.

The white Mercedes Benz Cla 45 AMG auto driver whose partner drove the marina for over $ 100 complained to the balloon sales price (R $ 15 each) presented at the 12th police station (Taguatinga). This Tuesday (18). Willian Wesley Lelis Vieira gave testimony to the case through the back door of DP. I doubt whether the person was driving at the time of the trolley, but the information was confirmed.

Remind the case.

Marista Izidoro de Morais (63 years old) was dragged about 100 meters on Saturday night (15) in Special Zone 1 in front of Marista University Taguatinga Sul. The girl, a Mercedes-Benz driver is selling balloons in the field (worth R $ 220,000) approached her and asked for three balloons. While the seller separated the requested items, the passenger of the hitchhiker filed a complaint with the price ($ 15) and requested a discount.

Marina did not sell cheaper products because she was a reseller, so she pulled a string holding a balloon from the elder's hand and closed the glass. At that moment, William Wesley began dragging the marina. After she got out of the car, William fled from the scene.

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