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Mayaro: UFRJ scientists discover new virus


A study by scientists at the University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) found a new virus circulating in the state of Maya. This disease is very similar to chikungunya and it causes intense joint pain for a long time. Already Niteri has 3 confirmed cases and all of them are confirmed.

At least four years ago, scientists were interested in the risk of Amazon's wild virus, Mayo, settling in the southeastern metropolis.

Until that time, diseases were reported in the north and midwest only until they were discovered in the 1950s. At that time it was believed that the Haemagogos forest mosquito would be passed on to the same as wild yellow fever, but there is a sign that it has begun to adapt to the center of the city, and today mayaro increases the risk of an epidemic by egypti (Culex) in Aedes.

Researchers have confused chikungunya, and mayaro has been in Rio since 2016. And all infected people in Niteri have not traveled to provincial areas.

Scientists are now looking for resources to expand their research and are looking to analyze at least 400 samples from municipalities in Rio, Maria, and Mirashima this year.

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