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More than 15,000 people gather in Suzano for a mass rally – Jornal CORREIO

The bodies of the victims of the massacres at the Raúl Brasil State School in Suzano, Sao Paulo, were buried at 14 o'clock on Friday afternoon with many applause. The collective Mokdong began at Suzano Arena in Max Feffer Park on Thursday (14) at around 7 am, with more than 15,000 people queuing up and arriving on the school bus.

The bodies involved were Caio Oliveira, Kaio Lucas da Costa Limeira, Samuel Melquíades Silva de Oliveira, Claiton Antonio Ribeiro, Eliana Regina de Oliveira Xavier and Marilena Ferreira Vieira Umezo. At about 9:30 am, more than 100 people waited for the mourning of the victims' families in the Susano Stadium. Arrange the pipes from the center of the gym.

In place, besides family and friends, the locals also paid homage. Among them was the broker Edvaldo de Araújo (55), who lives near the school. "It is very sad. It is ridiculous, and we came to pay tribute to God in the hearts of these ancestors."

The housekeeper Edilene da Silva (50) went to hug his friend, a cousin of the victim. "The great tragedy I have seen in other countries is unexplainable, and we have put ourselves in the place of our mother and those who suffer."

Douglas Murilo Celestino (age 17) is the only one of the five students not to be seen at Suzano Arena. Evangelicals, the family decided to hold this ceremony at the House of Councilors meeting on Thursday afternoon.

In the morning, a series of ecumenical cults opened in the gym.

In the field, the grid distinguishes the victim's body from the area of ​​the family. The corridor next to it is intended to pass the respectable population. After the service was over, some families continued to cry out for Christian songs, and their relatives were close to the coffin. One, a woman repeatedly stroked the boy's hair and stared at the victim.

Dozens of people attended the funeral. Four people in one corner showed signs of opposing violence. Among them was Professor Rosiana da Silva (55). The bodyguard considered Eliana Xavier (one of the victims) as her niece.

"I came here and made this poster against this violence, and I have a poor idea that so few people are doing it." I am already a non-governmental organization doing social work in Isaim Paulista (eastern São Paulo) NGO) "

"I was already with my family, I already have united all of them, someone has to move, young people come and each one has little by little." My daughter grew up with me (with Elijah) You have.

On the side of Rosa, he ran a 63-year-old Antônio da Paz in a Brazilian shirt and protested, "Why did peace use such violence against our youth?"

It is the CPTM from Guaianazes, the eastern part of the capital. "It is sad that young people go into school."

Around 2:30 pm, the door was closed and a private moment was sent to Lion Nau Arena. In the middle of the gym, the name of the victim of the weapons of mass destruction was read and a request for peace was made. "Yes, in peace, in violence."

Five of the six bodies were taken to the funeral parade in the San Sebastian Municipal Cemetery (Suzano). According to the city hall, 9,000 people paid tribute to the victims by 1:50 pm.

Beauty services
About 50 experts in the municipal health network provided care in psychiatrists, general psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses, nursing assistants and social workers.

The State Department of São Paulo, on Wednesday, sent two 13 psychiatrists and a psychologist to support the care of family members and others working with the Psychosocial Care Center team. Cap) Suzano.

The Secretariat also strengthened the rescue operations in the pre-hospital hospitalization for the victims with the help of rescue doctors who worked with the Fire Department and the Air Group (Águia).

Five wounded people are supported by a team of HCFMUSP, Luzia de Pinho Melo Hospital and the General Hospital of Itaquaquecetuba General Hospital.

On Thursday, three out of 11 inpatients were discharged. 8 people are in hospital, 3 of them are in ICU, but they are stable.

Health status of injured in hospital in state hospital:

1. Adna Isabella The 16-year-old Bezerra de Paula moved from PSM Suzano to ICU's HC / FMUSP.

2. Anderson Carrilho de Brito (15 years old) transferred from PSM Suzano to HC / FMUSP – stable in ICU.

3. Jenifer da Silva Cavalcante – Stable HC Luzia de Pinho Melo in ICU.

4. Leonardo Martinez Santos – rescued by HC Luzia de Pinho Melo – stable. I have surgery.

5. Leonardo Vinícius Santana (age 16) was at Santa Casa de Suzano and moved to HC / FMUSP. He was discharged.

6. Leticia de Melo Nunes (transferred to Hospital Santa Maria – Itaquaquecetuba General Hospital) – I was discharged.

7. Murillo Gomes Louro Benites, 15 – HC / FMUSP rescued from the rescued by the eagle.

Health status of injured people in Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Suzano:

8. Beatriz Gonçalves Fernandez (15) was discharged late Thursday morning.

9. Guilherme Ramos do Amaral (age 14) is scheduled to undergo orthopedic surgery Thursday.

The health condition of a wound in a private hospital Santa Maria:

10. Jose Vitor Ramos Lemos, 18, had hit an ax, a stable frame.

11. Samuel Silva Felix, age 14, stable picture.

Ecumenical action in the place where it happened.
All stores except Marilena occurred in the cemetery of the City Cemetery of São Sebastião, at Rua Cássia Francisco, 651, Sítio São José. Marilena's body store was not on Thursday. One of the children is Friday, 15, in China; The family did not reveal the cemetery.

What has been known so far?

  • The students were in class.
  • The people responsible for the attack were former students of Raul Brasil State School.
  • The dpula that was attacked in the workshop went to school. The teenager first entered the school through the front door. I threw in the direction of the group. Marilena Umezo, Education Coordinator, and Inspector Eliana Xavier.
  • Another murderer, Luiz Henrique, carried another gun to school, attacked a victim who had been axed, shot on the ground, and attacked students who had escaped from school.
  • 38 caliber weapons, axes and crossbows (medieval weapons with arrows) were used in the attack.
  • The explosive device carried inside the school bag was false.
  • The duo responsible for the attack are neighbors and are used to talk for hours on the street.
  • According to neighbors, the killer spent at least three days in a house close to home games such as Counter Strike and Mortal Combat in addition to Call of Duty.
  • Five students, two school staff, a teenage uncle and his partner died. The teenager killed himself.
  • Eleven students were injured and hospitalized. Some are in serious condition.
  • João Doria (PSDB) Governor of Sao Paulo declared official mourning for three days in the state.
  • The door was swept away at the school because of the explosion of artifacts.
  • The State Department of Health (Department of São Paulo) dispatched two psychiatrists and psychologists to support the care of the family and others.

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