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Mourão disagrees with the Army commander and says there is no risk of politicization in the barracks – 11/13/2018 – Mônica Bergamo


General Hamilton Mourão, the next lieutenant general of the board of Jair Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ), ruled out the risk of politicizing the barracks during the new government. General Eduardo Villas Bôas, the current Army commander, acknowledges this hypothesis.

As always

In an interview SheetVillas Bôas said it would be a "serious risk" in the military environment, saying that it is always possible to "penetrate private interests." "I do not agree," Mourão says. "The armed forces will continue as usual," he said.

What happens?

The statements of the Villas Bôas have interfered with the STF (Federal Supreme Court). The general said the army had had a subtle period when the court voted (and rejected) the warrant for human trafficking to avoid Lula's arrest.


At that time, the general public issued a statement against "immunity". Now he says his concerns are about "stability," he said, "safer than sorry."

I heard a good word.

This sentence was understood to imply that the army could intervene if President Lula was loosened.


Some magistrates exchanged messages with each other as they recalled Celso de Mello's remarks at the Harbor Corpus trial.

No more 2

Without mentioning the Villas Bôas, he often implies a "declaration" in a critical situation, which foreshadow the unacceptable resumption (eg harmful) of Constitutional orthodoxy, which is a pratical example of indulgence Seems to be. ".

Never again 3

Melo also issued a statement similar to 19th century Floriano Peixoto. "If the judge gives the politicians a warrant for human trafficking, then we do not know who is going to give them tomorrow's trafficking agency."


General Mourão also commented on the question. If Lula was released, he would be a one-sided act of the FTS, he said. A revolt will take place throughout the country. But the decision will have to be accepted. "


Singer Anitta and actress Marina Ruy Barbosa crossed the Chandon paddock in F-1 GP Brazil. Presenter Otávio Mesquita, SP Mayor Bruno Covas, former pilot Jackie Stewart and businessman Sibylle Scherer.


The proposal for "Apology Apology to Communism" added 167,020 votes to the second (12) vote in favor of the Internet consultation made by the Senate and the opposition. It treats the house with popular legislation supported by more than 20,000 people.


The idea is enthusiastically supported by Epsilon Bolsonaro's son, Eduardo Bolsonaro (Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro). One of their flags is to criminalize communism.


The number of foreign tourists accounted for 18.6% of the F-1 Brazilian GP visitors this year. According to a survey conducted by the SP Tourist City Observatory (SPC) linked to the city hall in 2017, it was 10.9%. The economic impact was R $ 343 million, up 19.2% from R $ 280 million in 2017.


Oficina Theater premieres the "Roda Viva" rally in 50 years after announcing the first version on December 6 at Sesc Pompeia. This work will be printed until 9th ​​and will be headed to the company headquarters where it will be held from December 23 to February 10.

Agenda 2

And this group will show "O Rei da Vela" show in Ibirapuera Auditorium from December 14th to 16th.


Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz and American musician Brian McKnight are international guests of the show scheduled to be recorded on December 8 by Ivete Sangalo at Allianz Parque.

Open door

The Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture of São Paulo will open the Diadema Culture Factory on November 23 at an event with a free program. Circus, music, theater and film screenings.

Soak your feet on the table.

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and former riders Emerson Fittipaldi and David Coulthard attended the party at the Four Seasons hotel on Saturday (10) SP. Mercedes-Benz executive Holger Marquardt has also visited.

Short circuit

project City Carnival It will be announced at 6 pm this Tuesday (13) in Uma Casa in Sao Paulo.

This Tuesday (13) starts the exhibition "The labyrinth of the labyrinth", Marcello Vitorino. At the Sao Paulo Energy Museum.

Jamal, Will be performed by the Florida Cup on January 10 at the interval of the game between Bob Marley's son, Flamengo and Ajax.

Elvara Malo We will have a pocket show when we launch the Ser Trancoso platform. This Tuesday (13), 7 pm Caê Ateliê de Cozinha.

With Bruna Narshizo, Bruno B. Sora And Victoria Aids Bedo

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