Thursday , March 30 2023

Mourão visited Petrobras and impressed the state of the province.


Hamilton Mourão, the next governor-elect of the Republic, visited the Petrobras board on Friday (9th) at the Seneto Business Center. The president and the executive director of state-owned enterprises work there. It was the first visit of Jair Bolsonaro's elected government representative to the headquarters of the company in the Lapa district, the central area of ​​the city.

According to Petrobras, the visit lasted two and a half hours. Vice President-elect showed the company's recovery and the latest quarterly balance released this quarter through company video from Ivan Monteiro.

The visit was behind closed doors and the media was inaccessible. Through social networks, General Halilton Mourão wrote, "I was impressed with the satisfaction of the company."

"This morning I was delighted to visit Petrobras and hear from the company's president, Ivan Monteiro, about the company's situation, and I am very impressed," Mourão said.

The company's third quarter balance sheet was released on Tuesday (6). Petrobras closed its third quarter with a net profit of R $ 6.6 billion, more than 2,300% higher than R $ 266 million in the same period last year. In this way, state-owned companies recorded net income of R $ 23.6 billion in nine months, up 371% from the same period in 2017.

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