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PGR asks Supreme Court for information on investigation to investigate attacks on court | politics

Raquel Dodge Attorney General Raquel Dodge attacked the Federal Supreme Court (STF) court, minister and his family on Tuesday to make clear the investigation announced by Chief Justice Dias Toffoli on Wednesday. Investigate.

Dodge wants data on "facts being investigated and the basis of the investigation". The inspection order did not make the information clear to the prosecutor.

Secretary Dias Toffoli began an investigation to investigate fraudulent news, threats and crimes. The process is confidential and there are no restrictions on specific objects or groups under investigation, and there were only possible violations. Alexandre de Moraes was appointed as a rapper.

Raquel Dodge asked Moraes why he did not mention the suspects with public privileges at the STF and reminded them that the possibilities of the judicial authorities themselves are limited.

"The attorney general stresses that the investigation is not part of the constitutional jurisdiction of the judiciary, such as the Supreme Court," the PGR said in a statement. According to her, the constitution limits the performance of power.

"An offense against an important victim must be investigated in accordance with the Constitution for the validity and exemption of evidence.

Dias Toffoli said the Supreme Court will have an investigative agency and that the investigation is based on the law force's STF regiment. According to Toffoli, rapporter has a support structure that can include an assistant judge.

The order of initiation of the investigation determines the existence of fraudulent reports, allegations, threats and violations contained in the fake caluniandi (slander) and defamation (slander seeking) that affect the safety of the STF and its members.

Despite its widespread scope, the survey is based on a series of actions that ministers have considered to offend the Supreme Court in recent months. It is intended to show that Supreme responded to the attack, according to a court member.

The ministers, for example, bothered with an episode of a lawyer approaching the minister, Ricardo Lewandowski, during a flight that the chief justice pronounced "shame."

The other situation mentioned is Gilmar Mendes's Internal Revenue Service requesting denunciation of confidential information and court members.

According to the ministers, there is a precedent that can be investigated without asking the federal police or prosecutors. Last year, Gilmar Mendes began investigating Rio de Janeiro Sérgio Cabral, a former Rio de Janeiro Sérgio Cabral, to investigate the responsibility of institutions using handcuffs.

At the end of the investigation, Méndez requested a series of actions for authorized bodies authorized by Level 2.

The expectation of some court ministers is that this also occurs in this investigation. In other words, if the liability is confirmed, the Supreme Team must stimulate the authorized body.

The Supreme Court should also ask the institutions such as the PF and the Brazilian intelligence agency (Abin) to be diligent and collect evidence. You can perform internal validation, such as analyzing the origins of the attack, and then pass that data to a competent authority.

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