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Sao Paulo vs. Palmeira's friends on the other side Mancini and Felipeo

At the Classic, Pacaembu, held at 4:30 pm tomorrow, two older acquaintances are on the other side of the 11th Round of the Paulista Championship. Sao Paulo coach Wagner Mancini and Palmeiras' Louise Felipe Scolari have worked together in the last century and wrote their names in the history of the Gremio. The connection will continue today.

"I had a good relationship with Felix and he was a coach of Gremio," Mancini said.

In 1995, when he was coaching Grêmio, Felipão called for recruitment of players at that time. During the Copa Libertadores campaign, Mancini started the tournament as a beginner. Due to injuries he lost space to Arilson. Still, he was able to participate in the title campaign.

Affection still exists from a distance. When Felipão was the coach of the Portuguese team and Mancini attempted to take over Grêmio in December 2007, the fifth champion praised the previous student. At the time, the coach believed in the success of his previous players and even thought of the possibility of rescuing the spirit of the Libertadores championship team. However, due to internal problems with the undefeated team, Mancini lost his job early in February 2008.

A few years later, these two paths crossed a few more times. For example, as Guarani's coach, Mancini was already tipped in 2010 by a world champion who was then Palmeiras.

"We were delighted to say that Wagner was my friend, he was my player and I really like him, I talked about game layout and tactical planning, and I told him there was only one alternative. [na época usar jovens da base]"Felipão said in a conversation with his colleagues in 2010.

Now they will have a chance to catch up again. However, when the ball rolls at Pacaembu, the ball will defend each side.

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