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Tereza Cristina protects property and is a "good industry"


Tereza Cristina (DEM-MS), Minister of Agriculture, said today what the profile of your portfolio is. According to her, producers expect legal safety, property rights and "more modern" ministries, including an increase in the number of trade agreements.

A federal spokesman will meet with President-elect Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday. In the conversation she said she would like to know about the "size" that the Ministry of Agriculture can have if, for example, adding fisheries and family farms.

Tereza Cristina also meets with current minister of agriculture, Blairo Maggi, to tell the details of the area. "Today, Brazil's agriculture and agriculture is our engine, which is the mainstay of our economy, so we need to know what is lost so that this engine can move more because of its production capacity."

The future minister estimated that every time Brazil receives a "request" for production, it responds in a "firm and precise" way. "[Mas]It should have a market. "

"We have already produced enough for our country, respecting safe and high quality food and rules. We have a great industrial complex and Brazilian agribusiness, and now we have to figure out where we can export and bottlenecks. I will. "

Precision industry

According to Tereza Cristina, the ministry should focus on reducing what it calls "sustainable production" and the "fines industry" by repeating the phrases frequently used by President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

"Finish a good industry, have clear standards, and maintain a more favorable business environment." This means that Brazil needs to accept both external and internal ventures – a more agile license does not mean loss of security. Must modernize. "


Tereza Cristina was able to conceive a job as a terrorist act when Tereza Cristina asked Parliament's proposal on property defenses, but avoided positioning her in the matter.

"We already have a little doubt about it because it has laws about it, that's what it is. [futuro] pastor [Justiça] Sergio Moro. "According to her, the conversion team also works to analyze this type of topic.

Outdoor activities

Another concern of Tereza Cristina is the name to be announced to take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "This ministry is very important to walk with agriculture mainly. [enfrentar] It is an external problem we can have with political action. "

Asked about the possibility of moving the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and its impact on the meat market, lawmakers said they should talk to the president about this issue. She said she was concerned about the threat of damage from Brazilian businessmen involved in this sector.


Tereza Cristina hopes to have a "very good" relationship with incumbents to take over the Ministry of Environment. Yesterday (7), members of rural organizations said the name for the environment would be displayed by the group. No special names were mentioned.

But the federal vice-governor said that the choice of name for the environment is limited to "Jair Bolsonaro, the next presidential election." However, if accepted as negotiated, we will make a proposal for a name with an "opinion" to perform the mission.


Asked if she was uncomfortable with quoting on the JBS donation list, Tereza Cristina confirmed the information, but she said she was indirect and calm. "I did not give JBS donations directly to me, it was a donation from two of my country's parliamentarians and federal lawmakers, I have peace of mind, the donations were good, and they are there in my statement.

According to federal lawmakers, transparency is necessary to ensure government accountability. "There is no problem for the people you want to see. Let's treat everyone equally. We need transparent Brazil with governance."

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