Sunday , May 16 2021

The Cabinet said that the outpost of the national troops would progress gradually and was treated with SSPDS. Fortaleza News

Shortly after completing a month's work in Ceará, the performance of the National Public Security Force (FNSP) caused a distinction between the state, the Justice Department, and the public security department. On Tuesday morning, May 5, Secretary General Guilherme Theophilo informed him this week that withdrawal of troops would be progressive. He also said on the 4th that the bill was discussed with Secretary of Defense Costa Costa Social Defense Minister (SSPDS).

A few minutes later, Governor Camilo Santana (PT) spoke unofficially to the general, saying that the troops would remain in Chia for 30 days. "Even though the governor thought that the situation had already been resolved in Ceará during the first session of the Legislature, informal information was given.

Governor's understanding was endorsed by Andre Costa. He confirmed the encounter with the general in Brasilia, but he commented on the guidelines and other guidelines that Theophilo notified. "Our time is a period of prison time, and the sooner we complete the process in all the prisons, the sooner we will agree to withdraw from the federal government," he said.

Criminal system

In the morning, the general said that in parallel with the withdrawal of troops, 100 prison guards will be dispatched to strengthen the security of prisons. "We have also left a legacy of equipment, weapons and information equipment. Because equipment, maintenance and information equipment remain in Ceará, with resources for maintenance, national security," he said.


Asked about the report, the Ceará government 's press office informed the state that the government had asked for a stay of 30 days and that other suspicions should be communicated to the federal government to make decisions about its troops.

Already, the Justice Department and the press in the public security department have reported this week that the federal government will be maintained and the military will begin to withdraw.

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